Freakling Bros.’ JT Mollner on Horror And Hollywood

Photo by Anthony Mair

Photo by Anthony Mair

JT Mollner spends three months out of the year in Las Vegas with murderous psychos, witches and vampires when he’s setting up the Freakling Bros.’ Trilogy of Terror. During the other nine months, he’s an up-and-coming Hollywood director, where he’s currently directing Luke Wilson and Clint Eastwood’s daughter in a feature film. Ask him what he loves more and he’ll tell you it’s an equal split between manufactured horror and, well, Los Angeles.

“Film and haunted houses are my two passions,” he says.

Mollner says he finished filming his movie Outlaws and Angels in August, describing it as “GoodFellas meets Once Upon a Time in the Old West” with a touch of horror. He says he’s taken notes from his father, Duke, who orchestrated a home haunt in the ’70s long before Freakling Bros. went commercial.

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Mollner poses with two actors from his movie

“He’s always been a producer and a creative person when it comes to stage productions,” Mollner says. “I’ve already learned a hell of a lot from him. I’ve [definitely] taken my Freakling Bros. experience to Hollywood.”

Visitors of the Trilogy of Terror will get a taste of this experience when the witch-themed Coven of 13 debuts this year. Mollner says he approached the subject in a similar fashion to the R-rated Gates of Hell. “We’re definitely more [FX’s] American Horror Story [Coven] and less Witch Hazel from Warner Brothers,” he says with a laugh.

Mollner values the time he takes to return home and set up the Trilogy of Terror with his father. It’s a special time when he says the family is able to connect.

“I really do come back here for the love,” he says. – Amber Sampson

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