Fright Dome’s Fresh Undead

New year, new scares. A look at what haunt operator Jason Egan has cooked up for October.

Prepare to lose your mind at Insanitarium. | Photo courtesy of Fright Dome

Prepare to lose your mind at Insanitarium. | Photo courtesy of Fright Dome

There’s a reason Fright Dome was voted USA Today’s  No. 3 Best Theme Park Halloween Event in the nation this month. For Jason Egan, owner and operator of the seasonal haunt inside Circus Circus’ Adventuredome, success is in the details.

And we’re not talking color swatches.

Now in its 13th season, the park takeover features six new themed mazes, including the one most likely to keep you up at night, Insanitarium. In this jaunt with a deranged ex-surgeon, you’ll navigate through a morgue (constructed with fixtures from an actual asylum in Connecticut) and stomach the stench of decaying corpses.

“We work with a company that does scents for theme parks,” Egan says. “We can also add popcorn scents to the clown house. There’s one house where you come across underwear hanging overhead, we add the scent of urine.”

See, it’s the little things.

And fitting for a 13th anniversary, Egan has added the film Friday the 13th 4-D: A Deadly Experience, which showcases 13 gruesome kills in as many minutes. (And you thought Avatar in 3-D was intense.)

Joining Insanitarium and Friday are five more new mazes and four new scare zones to keep you on your toes. From murderous dolls to a rave-themed demon dance party, there’s something to scare a little pee out of everyone.

It’s all part of Egan’s mission to offer new haunts each season. “First-timers are great, but it’s the repeat customers that keep us going,” he says, estimating that 80 percent of Fright Dome patrons are Las Vegas locals. “Nothing’s worse than coming back and seeing the same thing year after year.”

Nothing worse, except perhaps the smell of corpses.

Fright Dome is open 7 p.m.-midnight select dates through Oct. 31, $35.95 GA to $99.95 VIP,

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