Wild Women Do

And they don’t regret this girl’s night out at Omnia


The phrase “Girls Night Out” is a prominent nightlife marketing tagline. But beyond the cliché tutus and sashes of the bachelorette gathering, the club-within-a-club Heart of Omnia invites women to get Wild at Heart on Tuesdays.

With a gaggle of gal pals, I recently experienced this industry-geared locals night filled with cocktails and food, laughs and selfies, themed shenanigans, glasses of Champagne—all reasons it appeals to the fairer sex.

“We know the locals and ladies love a good open-format party, so we threw in some well-known industry DJs [including Five and Eric D-Lux], a sexy campaign with a female twist, an intimate room—and there you go,” says Sal Wise, director of marketing for Omnia Las Vegas.

More than simply spending a few hours in the club, you can make a true girls night out around Caesars Palace. This was our itinerary.

8:30 p.m. Cocktail Hour at Vista

In the former Shadow Bar space, Vista Cocktail Lounge opened in the spring, and it offers a window on the world via LED screens that flash skylines of various cities including Shanghai and New York. Vista is an ideal place to gather up the girls and order a sangria punch bowl to enjoy while the stragglers roll in. Also popular with our crew were classics, such as the French 75 and Ramos Gin Fizz.

9:30 p.m. Dinner at Searsucker

Seated at a large open table, we enjoyed a family-style meal of the restaurant’s greatest hits. Favorites included Brussels sprouts with walnuts, crab cakes with lemon verbena aioli and hamachi with avocado and jalapeño. All perfectly light fair for the dressed-up ladies, yet substantial enough for what’s to come.

11:30 p.m. Wild at Heart

Propelled by props such as lollipops, silly sunglasses and gigantic photo frames in which to snap selfies, the lighthearted atmosphere at Wild at Heart is punctuated by various revolving themes. Since our visit fell on Mexican Independence Day, the message was “Viva La Heart.” A mariachi band serenaded our table, and tequila shots were quick to arrive. We somehow all ended up in colorful ponchos … the perfect souvenir for the morning after, if the pictures and hangovers weren’t enough.

If you’ve been part of the Las Vegas club scene over the last 10 years, even on its periphery, it is impossible to not bump into someone you know at Heart of Omnia. “Guests are bouncing from table to table, partying with one another,” Wise says. “The vibe feels more family oriented and back to what a locals night used to be.” As we wind down, I discover one of the coolest things about Heart of Omnia on a trip to the ladies room. Handwritten messages on the bathroom mirrors coincide with the theme of the night. Each message is also expertly written in lipstick and it just happens to be your shade.

Coming up: “I Hear Dead People,” Wild at Heart’s Halloween affair and a throwback to favorite musicians featuring surprise performances. It goes down October 27 to give industry locals time to celebrate before having to work the holiday weekend.