The Internet Dials Up a High-Speed Performance

Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel, October 23

Photo by Linda Evans

Photo by Linda Evans

In support of their critically-acclaimed third LP Ego Death, The Internet—a sextet comprised of members of Los Angeles-based hip hop collective Odd Future—brought their unique breed of neo-soul to Vinyl. After three hours of opening acts, anticipation for the band’s performance swelled to classroom presentation levels of discomfort. Luckily, The Internet didn’t disappoint. Once the band took the stage, they flew into their latest single—Ego Death’s bass heavy opener “Get Away”—and instantly won the crowd’s favor. After running through three more tracks from Ego Death, the group took a break from the familiar with “Partners in Crime,” a not-so-well-known cut from their debut Purple Naked Ladies, only to bring the crowd back into the fray with the single-along hook of “Just Sayin’” and a jazzy rendition of Usher’s 2001 hit “You Don’t Have to Call”.

In spite of the venue’s muddy sound, The Internet was able to deliver solid performances of the crowd favorites “Gurl” and “Dontcha” to an audience of pleased devotees. ★★★✩✩

Photos by Linda Evans

Set list

Get Away
Under Control
Go With It
Partners in Crime
Just Sayin’
You Don’t Have to Call (Usher cover)
For the World
Penthouse Cloud
Special Affair