Fetish & Fantasy Ball Heats Up for Its 20th Year


For most, age 20 is awkward. It’s old enough to be considered an adult but one year from full-blown party mode.

For the Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball (HalloweenBall.com), however, two decades is a major milestone. Thanks to a sprawling venue, added attractions and returning talent, 2015 is set to be the wildest edition yet. Debbie Downers and naysayers aren’t even allowed; according to the event’s website, “looky-loos and party poopers are encouraged to go elsewhere.”

“The initial idea was to create an event that everybody can come to, where anything was acceptable—whether that be a fetish or fantasy costume, or just SpongeBob,” owner/CEO Kerry Schatz says. The Los Angeles Times has said it’s “the one party you don’t want to miss,” and the Travel Channel has said it’s one of the Top 10 events to attend in the world.

So what exactly is going to happen in Vanity in Hard Rock Hotel on October 31? Schatz says he wants the party to both honor its past and celebrate the future. “We’re gonna be doing a lot with fire,” he says, “I know lots of nightclubs are trying to stay away from that, but in 20 years, we’ve built a good relationship in the fire department, and we’re gonna take advantage of that.” In addition to pyrotechnics, Schatz is also bringing back talent from previous years. “We’re bringing back some of the crowd-pleasers, the shockers.”

Schatz wants to bring the party to other states. He already has plans to create a Fetish & Fantasy Expo that piggybacks on the success of the event by showcasing clothing, toys and art in the realm of sexuality. “Our aim is to always push the line as much as possible to keep things interesting,” Schatz says.