Guy Savoy Has Your Fall Comfort Dining and It’s On Me Has Your Winter Gift-Giving

pumpkin soup

Just because Mathieu Chartron is on his way out of Restaurant Guy Savoy (in Caesars Palace, 702-731-7286, doesn’t mean he’s got short-timer syndrome. His last day is November 22 before Julien Asseo takes the helm as executive chef, but before that, there are still a few dishes to tend to. In celebration of the original Paris flagship, Restaurant Guy Savoy, moving into its new digs on the top floor of the Monnaie de Paris—the French mint—Chartron brought back three dishes from Paris, all available through the end of fall. There’s the octopus, radish gelée, eggplant and chipotle purée—smoky in both flavor and presentation as it is served over a cloud of cold smoke. The last remnants of summer emerge with lobster and stuffed rigatoni with corn sabayon, while beef is still the star in a dish of wagyu with glazed haricot vert and pomegranate reduction.

Staying with Guy Savoy for a moment: White truffle season is also upon us, and along with the fragrant expensive tuber comes Savoy’s famed six-course white truffle menu ($430 per person). The soup, served from a Cinderella pumpkin with a poached egg, along with creamy risotto, and adorned with generous shavings of Alba white truffle, is worth the high price tag alone.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to dine at Restaurant Guy Savoy already, on November 18 you’ll get to experience your favorites in a whole new way. And if you’ve never eaten here before, this is one way to acquaint yourself. The first “Sense…ational Dinner” is a six-course meal developed by food engineer Veronique Anastasie. Each dish is a signature from the a la carte menu, including the Colors of Caviar and artichoke and black truffle soup, curious diners will learn about the history and inspiration behind each presentation, as well as the technique that goes into crafting the dish. It’s a multisensory evening that will help you develop a deeper appreciation for the food you already love.

While we’re revisiting old favorites, mobile gifting app It’s On Me (ItsOn.Me) is better than ever before. Created by local food lover David Leibner, It’s On Me started as a way to buy a drink for a friend at a bar near them, even when you’re not there, eventually leading to gifted meals at restaurants around town, such as Carson Kitchen, STK and Nove Italiano. Since its launch, the user-friendly app has expanded to other such culinary-centric markets as New York, San Francisco, San Diego and Santa Barbara. Which means that you can show someone a good time, even when you’re hundreds of miles away.

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