Mac Sabbath Supersizes the Shtick

Vinyl at the Hard Rock, October 30

Mac Sabbath | Photo by Alexander Zayas

Mac Sabbath | Photo by Alexander Zayas

This is exactly the kind of thing people come to Las Vegas for: A Black Sabbath tribute band that also pays tribute to the Golden Arches. Mac Sabbath dress up as evil versions of the McDonaldland crew and play Sabbath tunes whose lyrics have been revised to pay tribute to fast food. ”Sweet  Leaf” becomes “Sweet Beef,” while “Paranoia” is recast as “Pair-a-Buns” with lines like, All day long we slaughter things/Trying to keep you satisfied.

Musically, the band’s Sabbath game is tight—extra props to Grimalice and Slayer McCheese for rocking hard in what have to be uncomfortable costumes. Vocalist Ronald Osbourne doesn’t have the Ozzy high notes, but he does have Ozzy’s accent, grimace and the crazy-eyed stare. He also has a seemingly infinite amount of puns about the names of other “drive-thru metal” bands—Dairy Queensryche, Cinnabon Jovi, Dokken Donuts.

The theme also continued to the skull-faced, laser-eyed Ronald statues, a mic stand that looked like a shake with an oversized straw and buckets of red-and-yellow confetti. At one point, they threw a number of giant inflatable cheeseburgers into the audience. However, the narrowness of the room and the overhead lights meant that they kept flying back onto the stage as the band played in the midst of an onslaught of flying burgers. Sometimes, the Big Mac strikes back. ★★★✩✩

Photos by Alexander Zayas