‘Tis the Season of the Force

season_of the_force_courtesy_disney-lucasfilm_WEB

While the rest of us wait for the December 17 release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, impatiently combing the burrs from our Chewbacca onesies, Disneyland is taking action. The Anaheim theme park’s Star Wars celebration, Season of the Force, begins November 16 and offers several compelling reasons to take that onesie out for some air.

The Star Wars Launch Bay exhibit features film props, character photo opportunities and an atmosphere of shared geekiness you’re unlikely to find outside of the giant queue you’ll join on December 17. Space Mountain receives a temporary thematic overlay that transforms it into Hyperspace Mountain, even though Han Solo would be the first to tell you that hyperspace is unreliable. The popular Star Tours flight simulator attraction will add a sequence to its random selection of misadventures, one based on characters and scenes from the new film. And in Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, your children will be given capes and glowing sticks and be encouraged to bash an adult supervisor senseless—kind of like what happens in your home, but with laser swords.

Disney also promises Star Wars-themed merchandise, food and entertainment, including a continuously running show of clips from the previous six movies (which will hopefully favor the three good ones). What they don’t promise is a discounted gate: Single-day tickets to Disneyland still begin at $99. And people say the Empire had a racket going.