Wax Pig Melting Drop a New EP, James Shahan Gets Contemplative in “Azurite”

James Shahan in "Azurite."

James Shahan in “Azurite.”

Check out new music and videos from local artists. In this week’s edition: alt-rockers Wax Pig Melting return with a new EP, rapper James Shahan delivers a powerful message, The Lique gives us a taste of their dapper hip-hop and jazz hybrid, and more.

Wax Pig Melting – W/OUND EP [Download/Stream]

Droney post-rock outfit Wax Pig Melting return with a new EP. According to singer/guitarist Brian Gibson, W/OUND has been sitting around since he and his former bandmates split six months ago. Rather than letting it go to waste, he tapped William Davenport of Bounty Hunter Brothers to put the finishing touches on the project. It’s a good thing he did. W/OUND features five heavy gems full of fuzzy riffs and strange lyrics, from the sluggish opener “Are You There Gawd? It’s Me, Brain” to the garage-y “Whatever, Hissy Fit (Whatever He See Fit).”

James Shahan – “Azurite” [Video]

Though James Shahan recently moved back to So Cal, he’s been a stalwart of the local scene, creating and performing his often bleak art here in Las Vegas for the past few years. But to hell with proximity. Shahan’s getting a plug because he makes powerful music. “Azurite,” the first single and video from his upcoming Nu Blu LP, is urgent. His voice grabs hold of you with the opening bars: God forbid something happens and I get shot / I hope and pray it’s in USA and the triggerman is a cop. More than just a rundown of the latest headlines, “Azurite” is contemplative. He imagines himself being stopped by police officers in the video, juxtaposing (fictional) footage of himself doing the very things that led to the arrests and killings of others alongside real news clips. The video ends with the question: “What would happen if you were the victim?”

The Lique – “One Reason” [Video]

If you’ve yet to see The Lique live, this video, filmed at 11th Street Records, gives you a glimpse of what you’re missing. Frontman Rasar is a true showman, wildly animated and energetic. The band, tight and jazzy. They definitely give off a The Roots circa Do You Want More?!!!??! vibe, which isn’t a bad thing. Here’s to hoping the Vegas band gets the same shine as the Philly boys—and that the dude dancing in the grey polo is at the next show.

Euroz – “N.N.” [Video]

Vegas spitter Euroz goes in over a pounding production from MLB for “N.N.” While he’s certainly flexing—ropes on me like Mr. T, rockin’ gold like the ’80s—Euroz goes for grit over flash, taking to the dark streets and abandoned buildings of DTLV. The video itself may not win any awards, but the song’s sure to get repeat listens. “N.N.” appears on his latest mixtape, B.I.C. (Because I Can), which you can download for free here.


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