No Pants, No Problem – Download These Delivery Apps

The modern man or woman has no time to fret over old-fashioned food ordering. (Or they do, but they don’t want to change out of pajamas.) Luckily, you have several solutions from which to choose when you want goods delivered to your door—Whole Foods on demand, anyone? Whether you need a pizza in a jiffy or sushi in a snap, just tap these apps and let the Netflix roll.

fb-share.408e36b618f5Postmates’ diverse offerings include a $4.99 Favorites menu, for which you’ll never pay more than a $5 delivery fee (plus menu item price) from select restaurants. Need Red Bull, Band-Aids or sunscreen in a hurry? Get some from the Postmates general store.



logo_greenBiteSquad boasts delivery from more than 100 local restaurants. Meals are transported in insulated bags to ensure your Pizza Rock or poutine stays smoking hot.





llkG841t_400x400Get Me allows users to choose between getting somewhere (a la Uber or Lyft) or getting something—whether that’s toiletries from Target or a tall Americano from Starbucks.




xzH0eWjn_400x400It started as an idea to rehydrate hungover partygoers, now Urban Palm can execute any of your errands for a flat rate of $20 per hour.




ELN6bVYE_400x400Prefer to prepare your own meals? Blue Apron will deliver portioned ingredients and recipes to make your own health-conscious culinary masterpieces.