It’s On Me Unwraps New Gifts for Users

its_on_me_phone_with_hand_WEBFor all of the lovely sweaters, songs and pies that come with the holiday season, one other fixture is consistently stressful: gifting. Now around for its second holiday season, the locally based It’s On Me app remains on a mission to ease the headache of gift buying.

How so?

Well, as always, users can pay through the app to gift their loved ones with drinks and dishes at almost 100 local establishments (or in other It’s On Me-enabled cities such as New York, San Francisco and San Diego).

Recently, It’s On Me co-founder and CEO David Leibner says, the app has added more “experience” gifts, such as spa treatments and a round of golf at TPC Summerlin, so you can treat the picky eaters and teetotalers in your life, too.

Also new this year is the option of scheduled gifting, which allows users to purchase gifts and set a later date (or recurring dates) for the recipient to be notified.

Too cool for old-fashioned cash and credit? It’s On Me will begin accepting Bitcoin within the next three months, Leibner says. “Bitcoin is kind of left out of society. We handle the conversion and It’s On Me becomes the bridge from Bitcoin to local brick-and-mortar businesses. … That’s super exciting.”

But with all the new features, Leibner says that the core of It’s On Me is still to support the local businesses “that define our community and that we all want to keep.” Not only that, but local gifting adds a personal touch that plastic can’t match.

“Don’t give someone a $50 gift card this season,” Leibner says. “Give them something from their favorite restaurant. ‘Hey, I know you love French toast, you gotta try this one. It’s On Me.’ It’s better than a pair of socks and a tie.”