Junior Achievement’s Finance Park Puts Kids in Charge


The game of LIFE works in such a way that a spinning wheel determines your future. It indicates how much money you will earn, who you will marry and how many children you will have. But when you finish playing the game and fold up the board, what do you have to show for yourself?

Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada hopes that Finance Park—a collaboration with Capital One—and its fun-and-games approach to developing money skills will help Clark County’s middle and high school students build a solid financial future.

Since October 12, students from 16 schools around the Valley have participated in this year’s program. Through 12 in-class lessons, the students are taught the principles of saving, investing and budgeting. The program curriculum encourages students to research career interests and their respective incomes, too.

It all leads up to December 18, when the students visit the Las Vegas Library (the literal “park” part of the program). They will each be assigned life scenarios such as “administrative assistant, 29 years old, married, $34,000 salary” and tasked with creating and adhering to a workable family budget through a series of games and activities.

“One may be single with a high income, and another might have three kids but a lower income with credit card debt. They will instantly see how these scenarios greatly affect their ability to spend money,” Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada President Michelle Jackson said in a statement.

And if it works as Junior Achievement hopes, the students walk out of the park with stronger financial management skills for their eventual adulthood. Let’s see a spinning wheel do that.

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