Transportation App Helps Taxis Gain Curb Appeal

Curb iconFacing stiff competition from ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft, some local taxis are now dabbling in the app market, thanks to Curb. 

Curb is a free iOS and Android app that’s working with Las Vegas transportation service giant Frias Transportation. Available in 60 cities and partnering with 90 cab companies, Curb uses regulated taxis rather than a driver’s personal vehicle the way Uber or Lyft does.

“With Curb, you’re always guaranteed a licensed and insured taxi cab with a driver who’s highly trained,” says Lee Haney, spokeswoman for Frias. “All of our drivers are FBI-background checked, which is not necessarily the case for transportation network companies.”

Leading up to Uber’s relaunch this fall, passenger safety was a key issue addressed by the company’s competitors. The Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association, which launched a public awareness campaign at, has tracked more than 40 news reports of alleged sexual and nonsexual assaults by Uber and Lyft drivers around the world in 2015. According to their websites, Uber and Lyft drivers in the U.S. are screened on county and national databases.

One way that Curb differentiates itself from Uber and Lyft is it does not employ surge pricing, in which a passenger pays more during busy times. “It doesn’t matter on the supplies of cabs out there, the time of day, what’s going on that night or at that moment in the community, [whether] there’s a big convention or a big fight in town,” Haney says. “You’re still guaranteed the same prices with Curb.”

Curb connects passengers to 600 Frias cabs with trained professional drivers. Frias is donating $1 for every Curb ride through January 3 to STOP DUI, a local nonprofit organization.

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