Modern Crooner Wants to Bring ‘Soulful Optimism’ to Las Vegas

paul_lorenWith a modern sound that takes his listeners back to the 50s and 60s, Paul Loren, a native New Yorker, will set the stage on fire when he performs at Foxtail at SLS Las Vegas on December 4.

What is your perception of the Las Vegas’ music scene and its influence on growing artists?

I think the town was really founded on great entertainment, obviously the tradition of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis at The Sands.  That tradition continues and … I am really happy to be a part of it in a few weeks. We’re going to give [Vegas] some soul, we are going to give them some kind of rock and roll and we’re going to make them dance and then after that we’ll maybe hit the tables, have a martini or two and enjoy the town.

What can you tell us about your new record Sections of Leisurely coming out in 2016?

We are putting out a full record next year and we are about to launch the single “All By Myself.” We have a great community here in New York City of really talented musicians who are guesting on my record. On the single, “All by Myself,” you can hear the whole 10-piece band.

Tell me a little bit about the process of using old magnetic tape machines for recording.

I think I am basically on a mad man’s journey. There’s an immediacy and something that’s lost today in the digital creation of music. I wanted to get to the heart of what makes songs great for me and that way we decided to record with all the players in the same room, with me at the microphone singing live and to record with these old tape machines. I think you can hear that in the sound.

You are a producer as well?

[Producing] always brings something new to the table and it’s always nice to see their take on the world and their take on music. It’s one thing to be on stage and connect with people and sing, but it’s another thing to be behind the mixing console, to construct the song and to work with artists and help develop their sound and their music.

Your music has been associate with many genres—R&B, pop, jazz and soul—how do you identify your music?

It’s really based in energy and optimism.  I’ll front a big 10-piece band with a full horn section and other times it’ll be just me and the piano, but I think it’s centered on a very soulful kind of optimism.