Seven Sinatra Dates

(Times two because, well, it’s the Chairman!)


Sept. 4, 1951

First Las Vegas performance, at the Desert Inn’s Painted Desert Room.

Oct. 7, 1953

Makes his Sands debut at the Copa Room.

Jan. 20, 1960

Official shooting begins for Ocean’s 11.

July 19, 1966

Sinatra, 50, weds 21-year-old waif Mia Farrow at the Sands; the marriage would last two years.

Sept. 11, 1967

Sands casino manager Carl Cohen pops Ol’ Blue Eyes in the mouth, dislodging the caps from his two front teeth.

Sept. 6, 1970

Caesars Palace executive Sanford Waterman flashes a .38-caliber pearl-handled revolver at Sinatra when a dispute escalates.

Jan. 25, 1974

Ends a three- year retirement with a comeback concert at Caesars Palace.

May 23, 1976

UNLV honors him with an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters. “Ma, I graduated today,” he told Dolly Sinatra on the phone.

Nov. 9, 1978

Performs at a Caesars Palace tribute for boxing great Joe Louis, at whose 1981 funeral Sinatra would deliver the eulogy and serve as a pallbearer.

Feb. 19, 1981

Almost 20 years after being forced to yield it, he won unanimous commission approval for a Nevada gaming license, critical for (Caesars Palace) casino ownership.

November 1989

Musicians’ strike, supported by Sinatra, fails, allowing hotels to replace house bands with taped music and synthesizers.

May 29, 1994

Final Las Vegas performance, with Frank Jr. conducting the orchestra, in the MGM Grand’s Hollywood Theater.

February 1995

The Frank Sinatra Neckwear Collection, his own artwork incorporated into silk jacquard ties, is unveiled at an apparel show.

May 15, 1998

Strip marquees are dimmed to honor the Chairman of the Board, who died the previous day in Los Angeles.