10 Things We Learned From ASAP Rocky’s Chat at UNLV

ASAP Rocky (right) shares a enjoys a cup of frozen yogurt with host Rory Kramer at UNLV. | Photo by Jackie Lee.

A$AP Rocky (right) enjoys a cup of frozen yogurt with host Rory Kramer at UNLV. | Photo by Jackie Lee.

Harlem hitmaker A$AP Rocky popped in to UNLV’s Student Union Theater Wednesday for an intimate, insightful look into his creative process for the Samsung LEVEL Music Lab. Organized by the tech giant, the event was part of a new series of lecture hall conversations that lets college students interact with their favorite artists (the first featured EDM duo The Chainsmokers at the University of Kansas). Throughout the event, Lord Flacko cracked jokes, took questions from the crowd, called out one of our reporters and ate ice cream (more on that below). He also dropped knowledge about his music, fashion, stage direction and more.

Here’s just a few things we picked up from Professor Rocky:

  • He’s hands-on. After encountering several technical difficulties while on tour, Rocky insisted on having a hand on all things production going forward. He premiered his visuals on his recent tour with Tyler, the Creator, which features three-levels of content that harmoniously combines his music, music videos and social media. “It’s all an extension of my artistic vision,” he said.

  • He’s very particular about how he presents himself—especially when discussing his craft. He glared at event organizers when the spotlight shined too bright and sighed in frustration when one of his video clips was cut short.

  • He absolutely loves ice cream. He brought it up numerous times, and was all smiles when one of his crew members brought him a cup … even though it was actually frozen yogurt. He even admitted that he aspired to be an ice cream man as a child, until his father told him to “shut that shit down.”

  • He hopped trains in Harlem with the late A$AP Yams (A$AP Mob founder and visionary) when he had trouble making ends meet selling drugs.

  • He “needs estrogen” when he’s in the studio. “It just sets the vibe right,” he said. “If it ain’t there, everything feels off and I’m not in my zone.” We hope he’s talking about a female presence.

  • He’s a lifelong student who wants to be on your level. “Ain’t no barrier between artists and students,” he said. “As individuals, we have to learn from each other.”

  • He’s inspired by the old school, even when it comes to fashion. Pretend you’ve seen Menace II Society a hundred times like the authors of this article. You know every minute detail of the infamous liquor store scene (what you say ‘bout my momma?!) … or do you? Remember Caine’s striped t-shirt? Rocky does, and he’s recreating it for an archive collection with Guess.

  • His interviewer was the worst. Popular Youtuber/Bieber crony Rory Kramer did a decent job as host, but we can’t forgive him for referring to himself as a “professional life liver” (or the fact that he wore a plaid shirt with a plaid shirt over it). Is that on your resume, bro? Silver spoons must be nice.

  • He still says “jiggy.” A piece of outdated slang popularized by Will Smith (and reprised unsuccessfully by The Lox) in the 90s, Rocky kept referring to things as being “jiggy,” even asking one of our reporters if his iTunes library was jiggy. (Note: It is, in fact, very jiggy.)

  • He thinks it’s corny when people use his name as a substitute for “as soon as possible.” As in, “I need you to come over A$AP Rocky.” Shots fired, YG?