What’s New at Lee Canyon

lee canyon

The ski destination about an hour outside of the city, formerly known as Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort, has gone back to its original name, Lee Canyon. Marketing director Jim Seely says that the rebrand is in response to the resort now being open as a year-round destination.

“Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort just didn’t fit us anymore,” Seely says. “We’ve evolved into a winter and summer resort. Our summer operations include hiking, patio games, food and beverage, corporate groups, weddings, concerts and disc golf.”

The second reason for the change, he says, was simply because locals preferred the name. “Many of our long-time loyal guests never stopped calling it Lee Canyon. For us, returning to that name also means better connecting with who we are. We don’t want to compete with Olympic venues or destination snow resorts. We are Vegas fun for locals and tourists alike.”

DSC_0108In terms of conditions, El Nino is playing a positive role on this season. Preseason, Lee received 20 inches of snowfall in comparison to 70 inches total last year. New programs include tubing, which is returning for its second season, and kids events such as “Little Air” and “Little Air ’n’ Style,” which take place on the last Saturday of each of the Mountaineers and Freeride Sessions, multi-week kids programs in January and February. This is also the third year of their complimentary coaching program.

“We may be the only resort in the nation that offers such a program,” Seely says. “It gets people out on the snow without overthinking or overpaying. The number one deterrent for trying snow sports is fear above anything. Comp coaching relaxes a newcomer’s nerves and helps them focus on having fun.”

Bachelorette, bachelor and birthday parties have become popular at Lee, and Seely says, from party busses to skiers coming straight from the Vegas clubs, they’ve seen a lot. “We have a snow cabana perched just about our base lodge area,” he says. “The rental is $350 and comes with $350 in food and beverage. We have plenty of ice for your vodka bottle service.”

More About Lee Canyon:

  • Around 65 to 70 percent of Lee Canyon’s customers are locals ranging from 25 to 45 years old; 10 percent come from Southern California
  • After Lee Canyon finishes an 18-month environmental impact study with U.S. Fish & Wildlife and the U.S. Forest Service, analyzing a proposed expansion to protect the land, some of which is designated as critical habitat for the Mt. Charleston Blue Butterfly, the resort will expand facilities, increase snow trails and summer downhill-mountain biking.

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