A Long Time Ago, in a Theater Far, Far Away, a Beat Was Dropped 

charlie_sterling_star_wars_outfit_WEBThis is it. Today’s the day we all find out why in the sweet name of The Force that Luke Skywalker is missing from all the Star Wars promo materials. Has he gone to the Dark Side? What is going on, J.J. Abrams? What have you done? After I’ve bubbled tonight I’ll be off to the IMAX along with the rest of Vegas’ geek tribe, and I can’t freaking wait.

Although I have every intention of chatting about The Force Awakens, something else has managed to catch my attention over the past few weeks. Probably for the best, since I believe C-3PO Coffee Creamer to be the tide line for sickening levels of Star Wars saturation. (The Tauntaun sleeping bag, however, is a win. It would make a welcome Christmas gift for this nerdy showgirl.)

My most uttered question this month: Have you heard Hamilton yet? Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash hit Broadway musical is the methamphetamine of theater. One listen and you’re hooked. When first I heard about the “hip-hop Founding Fathers musical,” I was a tad skeptical, despite having loved Miranda’s In The Heights when I saw it in London last summer. When Hamilton’s original cast recording came to me, I was expecting to hear a desperate history teacher trying to reach an unruly class out of a 1990s movie, but I decided to give it a listen anyway. (It’s available on Spotify, if you’d like to join me.)

Just … wow. All my subsequent attempts to listen to, watch or read anything that isn’t in some way connected to Hamilton have been futile. This has now been going on for more than a month. If I didn’t think all the beatnut history I’ve picked up from Hamilton might someday become useful if I decide to apply for citizenship, I might be begging for help. Perhaps it’s the genius of Hamilton’s music and lyrics; perhaps it’s the show’s strong women and nuanced relationships; perhaps it’s the Easter eggs—enough to give the Marvel Cinematic Universe a run for its money. Or perhaps it’s the unparalleled badassery of having a cabinet meeting rap battle MC’d by George Washington. The end result is that I need It in my ears. All the time. (You know you have a problem when the new season of Serial drops and all you can think is, “Sure, I’ll listen to it. After Hamilton.”)

As it stands, I find myself swirling in a vortex of PBS articles, HBO documentaries and Genius.com lyric annotations at least once a day. Also, I think I can rap now. Thanks, Lin-Manuel! I’m sure that the rest of the cast of Absinthe is just thrilled with this new development.

Hamilton has transcended the musical theater crowd. The cast album reached No. 1 on the Billboard rap chart on November 28, which happened to be the week I was in New York freezing my tatas off standing in line with 600 other hopefuls, trying to get front row seats to Hamilton. I was unsuccessful. Looks like it’ll be July before I park my unbubble’d butt in the Richard Rodgers Theatre but, goddamn it, I’m willing to wait for it. Your Obedient Servant, C. Star.

Well, hey, it looks like I’m not going to talk about Star Wars after all. In true Rebel fashion, I guess I’ll save it for when you least expect it. What I will do is tell you all about the outfit I plan to wear to the Fremont Awakens party, pictured at left. (Because Fabulous.) The skirt is HerUniverse.com, the best source for Lady Geekwear; the petticoat is Rockin’ Bettie; and the Millennium Falcon hat and Alliance brooch are handmade with materials and rhinestones from Williams Costume and Toy Shack. Shop local and support small businesses, y’all. And May the Force Be With You.

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