Ekoh’s Epic Elf Rap, A Gift From PunksInVegas

If you're dating a basic chick, Ekoh's got some great Christmas advice.

If you’re dating a basic chick, Ekoh’s got some great Christmas advice.

Local bands have gifted us year-round with free downloads, streams and videos. It’s only right that the tradition continues through the holidays with a massive compilation from PunksInVegas.com, a new EP from indie band Bloomish, a new video from rapper Doms Gauge  and, appropriately, Ekoh doing a super-fast rap over the Elf theme. Check ’em out below.

Bloomish –  Night Calls, EP. 1 [Download/Stream]

If their debut EP is any indication, Henderson-based indie quintet Bloomish is going places. Night Calls, EP. 1 is a short, wild ride. Lead single “Tell Me” shimmers with bouncy jangle-pop reminiscent of The Smiths’ “This Charming Man.” It’s one you’ll want to loop a few times (the video is also fun to watch). But it’s the skittery guitars and the wail of “Come Alive” that showcases the band’s true potential. Name your price and snag it below.

Doms Gauge – “So Determined” [Video]

Doms Gauge was something of a hero in the local AHAT rap battle league around the start of the decade. Known for his hilarious jabs and piercing personal disses, he quickly became a fan favorite. But, after a few years of racking hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube, he retired from the scene, focusing instead on songwriting. His debut album, Old Soul in a Young Body, released in January, hushed the “battle rappers can’t write songs” argument by giving a serious, introspective look at the emcee. “So Determined,” one of the choicest cuts on Doms’ debut, finally got the visual treatment earlier this month. Shot by Rob Seher, the video features the long-locked rapper with his eyes to the sky while MMA fighter Shawn Fitzsimmons goes hard in the gym.

PunksInVegas.com presents Blast of Silence 2015 [Free download/stream]

This Christmas, Santa’s got a sleeve of tattoos and a denim jacket covered in patches. PunksInVegas.com gifts us a 46-track compilation celebrating the best music put out by local bands in 2015. It’s got everything from now-defunct punk stalwarts The Vermin and the Rat Pack punk of Franks and Deans to hardcore band Acid Rain and the gentler touch of Shayna Rain and the Part Time Models. If, for whatever reason, you’re not yet sold on Vegas’ immense talent, start here. Stream it below and download it for free on PunksInVegas.com’s Bandcamp page.

Ekoh – “Amazing Christmas List Rap” [Video]

Tired of “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”? “Heart hop” emcee Ekoh‘s gives us a new holiday anthem. Less of a sing-along (especially considering the pace) and more of a guide to gifting, he drops some sound advice in hilarious, rapid-fire bars. Example: Get your main chick somethin’ nice / Average white girl? Pumpkin spice! The best part? It’s done over a remix of the Elf theme. If Will Ferrell ever changes his mind about reprising the role of Buddy, we suggest Ekoh play his sidekick.

Zoneil Maharaj spends a lot of time on the Internet as Vegas Seven’s engagement editor. Send him stuff to listen to at zoneil@wendoh.com. Follow him at @zoneil.