The Hangover Solution

Hangover Heaven

Hangover Heaven

Pedialyte and hair of the dog are no match for your most formidable hangover, these five local IV treatment specialists will get you back into the spirit. So drink up—it’s the holidays. 


Whether it’s heartburn, headache or you simply want to die, Hangover Heaven (702-850-4297, specializes solely in hangover treatments and offers three cures ranging from $129 to $209.

Misery loves company, and at IV Rescue (702-686-5787,, the more miserable company you have, the cheaper the price. Prices start at $200 and get lower with larger groups.

Need the loud noise and bright lights to stop? The Signature Treatment by Push IV Hydration (702-445-7874, will do just that for $200.

The Ultraviv recovery infusion treatment at Reviv in MGM Grand (702-644-4466, will stop the shakes for $129.

Las Vegas’ newest IV specialist, I.V. Doc ( offers multiple treatments from $219 to $269 that will make you forget you had four glasses of cabernet sauvignon before that hot buttered rum.

In-room Service

For an additional $300, Hangover Heaven will come to your room, because walking hungover is more difficult than being Kim Kardashian’s underwire. If you don’t want to spend the extra cash, a free shuttle service will take you to and from their facility.

Save yourself from the walk of shame. IV Rescue offers house calls with no additional cost.

Push IV has a treatment facility near the Strip, or they will come to your room for an extra $100. The house-call fee is waived with parties of five or more. Push IV will also have shuttle service at the beginning of the New Year.

For an extra $175, Reviv will come to you and whatever toilet you’re hugging. Prices increase depending on the size of the party.

The I.V. Doc only does house calls, which are included in the IV price.

Other Services

Book the private Hangover Heaven van two weeks in advance for an extra $500. Have erectile dysfunction or a yeast infection? They have treatments for that, too.

For $500, IV Rescue offers the Vegas Dave Package, which comes with two IVs, two egg McMuffins or cheeseburgers, a Plan B pill and a Monday Night Football pick of the week from the famous sports bettor himself.

Push IV offers Hydration, Megaboost vitamin and Fountain of Youth treatments for $100 to $250.

If your hangover cure needs reinforcements, get an extra kick of energy with B12, Glutathione antioxidant and Slimboost booster shots for $29 to $39 at Reviv.

The I.V. Doc offers a variety of IVs, from migraine relief to its Beautify treatment for when you’re not hungover, just ugly. Prices range from $150 to $399.