Best New Restaurant, Off-Strip

Best New Restaurant, Off-Strip

Yui Edomai Sushi

Yui Edomai SushiKrystal Ramirez

Chef Gen Mizoguchi rocked the Las Vegas dining scene when he brought the most sublime sushi that the city had ever seen to Kabuto in Chinatown. So when he left there to open Yui Edomai Sushi, his legion of fans were understandably nervous about whether the experience would lose something in the move. It turns out there was nothing to fear. The place became a hit overnight thanks to species of fish you’ve probably never heard of, brought in directly from Japan and cut with a precision that would trigger envy in most surgeons. You can stick to nigiri for a $68-per-head meal. Or you can have the chef toss in some grilled and otherwise prepared treats for either the $120 or $160 omakase experience. If that sounds like a lot, consider that this may be the closest you ever come to an experience the likes of that glorified in the classic foodie film Jiro Dreams of Sushi. And you don’t have to travel to Tokyo to enjoy it. 3460 Arville St.,

2016 Dining Awards