Best Dining Team

Best Dining Team

Other Mama

Other Mama's Dan Krohme cutting into jack amber fishAnthony Mair

Other Mama’s Dan Krohme cutting into jack amber fish

It’s a “mighty” small team over there at Other Mama, but they’ve found a niche from which to provide the community with not only a delicious spin on exceptional food from the sea, but an elevated, personal experience. The secret lies somewhere between the passion shared by all, hard work and something unique that each member brings to the table. Chef-owner Dan Krohmer compares the dynamic concept to the legendary cartoon defender Voltron, which was assembled from five robots, each wielding an arsenal of, in this case, culinary weapons: hospitality, great food and cocktails, relationships with customers and of course, that invincible sword, which is always good for cutting fish. 3655 S. Durango Dr., Unit 6,

2016 Dining Awards