Best DL Dining

Best DL Dining

Fiesta Filipina


If you’re at all familiar with Filipino cuisine, the kind you’ve encountered is probably of the “turo-turo” variety. The literal translation of “turo-turo” is “point-point,” and that’s exactly what you do at these cafeteria-style joints: You point at the dishes you want from a variety of choices. But at Fiesta Filipina, what you see isn’t all that you get. Bring a friend and ask for the crispy pata, a whole pork leg that’s been boiled then fried. It takes about 20 minutes, but your patience will be rewarded with a heaping container of fried pork that’s tender on the inside and unbelievably crispy on the outside, served with a soy vinegar dip. Pair with steamed white rice and you’ve got comfort food, island style. $19, 2980 St. Rose Pkwy.,

2016 Dining Awards