Best Power Lunch

Best Power Lunch

Makers & Finders

Makers and FindersSabin Orr

Stop into Downtown’s Makers & Finders on any given day and you’ll discover a cast of characters that includes well-known local journalists, creative culinary impresarios, passionate small-business owners, serious tech types and freethinking digital nomads—all power players in their respective industries. Between pitches, they’re shoveling in tasty empanadas and flaky croissant breakfast sandwiches and washing them down with the city’s best lavender lattes (trust us—we’ve tried them all!) as well as cold brew, pour over and good ol’-fashioned drip java. Eavesdrop on their brainstorming sesh if you dare, and you might even get a heads up on what’s new and next for the city and beyond. 1120 S. Main St., Suite 110,

2016 Dining Awards