Seven Questions for Pinup Model Candace Campbell

The entrepreneur on her vintage lifestyle, letting go of things and her upcoming ventures

Photo by Deed DeBruno

Photo by Deed DeBruno

You have a lot of creative pursuits, including co-owning Stone Fox hair salon, modeling, photography as well as selling and designing for your online vintage retail shop, Indigo Moon. Where did it all start?

I’ve been a hairstylist for 15 years. I was originally going to hair school so I had money for college, but then I fell in love with being more of an artist so I continued doing creative jobs. My best friend Eden [Walton] and I co-own Stone Fox . We always wanted to work together, so when we got offered a space in Downtown it was perfect. We brought all our [clients] down, and we have our perfect little bubble now. We do makeup for photo shoots, too.

You’re a Southern girl originally from Louisiana. What brought you to Las Vegas?

My parents—I was a teenager. They moved me out here against my will.

Did your love of the vintage lifestyle stem from them?

Actually, no. I grew up around a lot of the ’70s stuff from just being an ’80s child. I remember a lot of the ’70s décor from being at my grandparents’ house. That’s where I got the nostalgic feel for that stuff. My dad collects old cars, but that’s pretty much the only thing from the ’50s that I have a connection to from being a little girl. It really just happened once I became a hairstylist. I loved doing vintage looks. I’m a very nostalgic girl at heart—everything old just feels right.

You’ve called yourself a vintage hoarder in the past. What’s the deal?

I was a vintage hoarder. I’ve actually been trying to get rid of a lot of the stuff. Now, I’m just a regular vintage collector. For a while it got crazy. We lived in a huge ranch- style house, but now I’m in a tiny bungalow Downtown. I’ve had to force myself to let go of what I don’t love. I feel so much more free.

This is your sixth year releasing your own calendar ( What inspired you to do it in the first place?

A few years before I did my first calendar, I was on the cover for the West Coast Choppers calendar. It was a really pinup-style photo. I got a lot of attention for it, and people kept telling me I should do my own. I sat down with [local photographer] Deed DeBruno, and she just said we’re doing it. It took off, and we had fun with it. We got such a good response we made it more and more elaborate every year. It’s my main modeling gig that I do each year at this point.

You’re now on the other side of the lens working as a photographer. Was that a natural progression?

At first [it was because] we needed photos at the last minute for a few projects. I’ve always had a camera and shot for my personal use. Now I have girls always wanting to shoot with me, and I’ve been setting up little photo shoots and collaborations for companies. It’s been fun having a project that I was passionate about that’s now turning into a whole other business. I plan to start shooting pinup and boudoir photo sessions [this year] in Las Vegas and on the road.

Do you have a health or fitness routine to keep you going during your multiple projects?

I have a morning routine where I stretch, do yoga and meditate to get myself at a steady, relaxed pace to start the day. I’m always way too hyper and usually have to do some of that in the evening to calm myself down, too. I really don’t do a lot of working out. I try to keep weight on me. If anything, I feel like butter is a part of my regime—I am a Southern girl.

Where do you shop for vintage?

I shop a lot at Exile on Main Street—it’s great. They have a lot more ’70s stuff, which is my personal preference. I’m more of a ’70s girl day-to-day, and for the fancier times, I’m more of a ’50s girl. For ’50s-style dresses and décor, I end up going to the Antique Mall on Decatur Boulevard. I also love Vintage Vegas.

Which other projects have you worked on as a model that you’re proud of?

I shoot for things that I’m passionate about, and companies that I love at this point. My favorite company that I model for is Bandit Brand. They have a little Western town in California that they bought. I get to be more of my Southern-girl self when I model for them. I also model for Pinup Girl Clothing, which is a huge retro clothing company.

Any goals for 2016?

I really want to travel and create more art. I’ve been trying to find the perfect balance between all my businesses. I’m excited to see the merging and evolution of them.