Photo by Joshua Dahl

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Ayelet Ritorto, principal artist Kiss My Lash, a lash extension expert that comes to you

Eyelash extensions have been one of the hottest beauty trends in recent years. The practice entails individual fibers, most often made of faux mink, bonded to each natural lash to create a fuller, longer look without the hassle of the daily application of falsies. Extensions are not for everyone; the process requires patience and maintenance—certain oil-based makeups are off limits as they break down the adhesive, and activities that involve submerging or aggressive rubbing of eyes are inadvisable. The pros include waking up every day camera- ready, with no makeup and no effort.

Photo by Joshua Dahl

Photo by Joshua Dahl

Clients develop a personal relationship with their eyelash artist as the application requires laying on a table for at least an hour every two to three weeks, with eyes closed. Because of the intimate nature of this business, Ayelet Ritorto founded Kiss My Lash in 2015, which specializes in volume eyelash extensions and organic spray tanning, done from the comfort of your home. She customizes each set of lashes to the client’s eye shape and, as a bonus, offers the option of receiving a therapeutic massage during the service by a licensed therapist.

Ritorto says that Las Vegas is a great city to own a beauty business because it’s all about being sexy, and locals and tourists embrace that notion with their pocketbooks. Her circle is likewise filled with other ambitious entrepreneurs— interiors expert Hayley Hunter, Bombhair owner Anna Nichols, blogger Lauren Molasky and her sister Ronit Roth-Perez, who has been an aesthetician for 15 years.

“Perfect your craft, be confident in what you do and set yourself apart.” ~ Ayelet Ritorto

Owning Kiss My Lash has been a lesson in challenging her comfort zone as much as her business acumen. “I went through a period of hesitation and fear before I went out on my own, so I am most surprised at how easy of a transition it was for me with such a positive reception,” she says.

She offers this advice to others considering beauty entrepreneurship: “Perfect your craft, be confident in what you do and set yourself apart.”

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