Duo at Spoke and Weal Salon Tell Us What’s Hot in Hair

Cutting and styling pro Jon Reyman and his partner, color pro Christine Thompson of Spoke & Weal salons in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles (a favorite beauty shop of celebrities and models) share their on-trend tress report of what’s hot right now.

Jon-Reyman-HeadshotFor cuts and styles, Jon says …

What are your five go-to products/tools right now?

Aveda Thickening Tonic, Mason Pearson brush, Diana The Hunter flat iron, Pure Abundance Hair Potion, Aveda Men’s grooming clay.

What is the cut that every guy should have, and is it time to chop those man buns?

The man bun is still going on—we have adventure and fantasy TV series to keep longer hairstyles like the man bun alive. While the man bun isn’t going away, shellacked/wet and set men’s hair is big.

What’s the sexiest head of hair out there right now?

Gigi Hadid.

What is a cut you recommend for someone who needs an effortless routine?

Almost any haircut can be easy if the length, texture and density are managed right. The reason why people cannot manage their hair is either because they have a bad haircut or they haven’t been educated properly on how to manage their hair (which is a hairdresser’s job). This is my job—to give people excellent haircuts, to teach them how to use the tools and products that create the best results.

Give us one styling and one cutting technique that will “save our lives” in the event of a hair emergency?

Styling—hairpins. Learn how to put in a few hairpins and you can take casual hair into more styled and formal on the fly. Cutting—taking out the right amount of weight, a.k.a. managing density, is the No. 1 time saver. Hair is beautiful when it’s easy to manage.

Will you ever open a Spoke & Weal salon in Vegas?

I have an operations manager who has mentioned Vegas (although I think her fondness of the poker room at the Venetian biases her assessment). Vegas is on the radar. We have incredibly talented pros on board and the sky is the limit. I told my team I want 50 salons. That’s pretty expansive.

Christine-HeadshotFor color, Christine says …

What is the current palette for blond?

Platinum. Look at model Lucky Blue Smith and singer Sia (we have serviced both recently). They have all over platinum blond and the look is super current. Another blond trend is dimensional blond. Beachy or sun-kissed dimensional blond hair is a perfect partner to “the wave” style. Whether platinum or darker brown or a Pantone hue, overall hair color is trending toward a metallic feel. This color is reflective and looks expensive—lots of shine and lots of richness throughout the strands.

What’s the trend for brunettes?

Dark velvety rich brown—again with a metallic feel very reflective and shiny. Balayage is huge: Golden pieces or bronze pieces or even rose gold placed throughout brunette hair to add dimension and movement to strands. Brunettes are enjoying lightening up with balayage, which makes the color maintenance easier and preserves the darker tones where facial features call for them.

Will the ombre ever die?

Beautiful application will never die—a good colorist will use placement to accent or complement features, eye color and skin tone. If a progressive color is right for the guest, it’s going to happen. To update this style, I put baby lights or flecks of lightened hair throughout top of the head emulating what the sun would naturally do. Ombre happens naturally in the fall and winter when sun-bleached strands grow out, and the new growth is receiving less natural lightening from the sun. Even if colorists aren’t offering ombre, you will see the look.

What is the one thing not to do in terms of color right now?

So many colors are trending right now—but the biggest no is damaged hair. Make sure the color is iridescent, metallic, super shiny and rich. The quality and the integrity of the hair is super important. If your hair is dry or damaged, clean it up and get it healthy. Work with your colorist to build your desired color and preserve your integrity. In earlier years, ’90s and ’80s, the color was more of a statement, and the quality of the hair was secondary; today the quality of the hair trumps.

What celebrity has the color that everyone is asking for?

In hair color right now, bloggers and models are the new celebs. Our guests come in with references from lifestyle and fashion bloggers’ Instagram accounts. Supermodels as well. I am hearing less celebrity names. Social media is a huge game-changer.