Photo by Marcus Thompson

Well Healed

Donna Gannon, founder of Skinternal Solutions and the Synergistic Hydro Shot, a daily drink formulated to increase the intake of collagen and antioxidants

“Eighteen years ago, I [began] my career [at] a startup technology company. The demands were taxing, to say the least. The lack of sleep, poor diet and stress began to take a toll. I started seeing drastic changes in my skin and overall health.

I never received a good explanation from my doctor as to what was happening. I was only in my 20s. I knew there had to be an explanation, so I [began] my own research starting with my skin. [I] learned that the skin is the first telltale sign of what is going on inside of our body and mind.

I [started] working with Dr. Raed Omar, a pharmacologist who focuses on medicine from natural sources and phytonutrients to create a product that was not only good for our skin and body but for our mind. I wanted it to tell the story of my own self-healing. That led to Skinternals’ first product, Skinternal Synergistic Hydro Shot.”

Donna Gannon is COO of Client Instant Access, as well as a health coach, yoga instructor, graduate of the Christine Valmy International School of Esthetic, the French Culinary Institute of NYC and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She will open a Skinternal Solutions storefront and wellness center in May. The Skinternal Synergistic Hydro Shot, an 80 ml daily drink formulated to increase the intake of collagen and antioxidants, is infused for cognitive function, hydration and replenishments of vital nutrients, can be purchased online at