A Woman of Substance

Amy Ma, creator of Paleo Angel, a company that makes treats for the Paleo Diet and Autoimmune Protocol

Photo by Savannah Ekada

Photo by Savannah Ekada

Why did you start Paleo Angel?

I started my career in law and was practicing litigation when I realized my true passion was helping others with autoimmune disorders improve their lives. I have suffered from horrible autoimmune issues from a young age. Finding the Paleo Diet, and later on, the autoimmune protocol, completely changed my life.

Describe the Paleo Diet.

The Paleo Diet is a nutritional approach that works with your genetics to reach optimal health and entails consuming real, whole foods and avoiding processed, genetically modified foods.

Describe your first product, known as Power Balls.

Power Balls are a nutrient-dense snack with specifically sourced ingredients [such as raw honey, organic coconut and collagen protein from grass-fed beef] that fuel your body. Think of them as a protein-bar replacement. They are manufactured [locally] at a commercial bakery. We have grown so much that we are in the process of securing space to open our own manufacturing facility [in the next six months].

Since launching in the summer, how have you built momentum?

In July, I had an opportunity to go to the CrossFit games in L.A. I was giving away [Power Balls] there, and got enough [positive] feedback that I thought, “All right, I’m going to go for it.” After a few months I got attention from Paleo figures, bloggers and writers.

What are your goals for Paleo Angel?

My initial plan was to target CrossFit gyms and smaller vendors to wholesale my product. I’ve had customers take my product into their local Whole Foods and request them to carry it. It got a couple of stores’ attention, so I’d like to think bigger and get into markets.

Find Paleo Angel online at PaleoAngel.com or try Ma’s Power Balls locally at Fruits & Roots Juice Bar or Greens & Proteins.