Izzy’s Treats Takes Doggie Fare to Another Level

Courtesy of Izzy's Treats

Courtesy of Izzy’s Treats

The boom of the luxury pet-product market has made us all think twice about what we feed Fido and what we ourselves eat when it’s time for a snack. Local gourmet specialty food company Izzy’s Treats, founded by Shelly Ryan, takes the love of all things delicious and healthy to heart, for both four-legged and two-legged friends. “As humans, we know diet plays a crucial role in overall health, and this is the same for our canine companions,” she says. “Some of the health benefits include reduction of allergies, fewer digestive disorders, stronger immune system and better overall health.”

Ryan has developed two lines of treats, one for pets, with selections such as Apple Minty Kale Bones and Banan-nutty Pawprints, and one for humans, with offerings such as Shelly’s Snicker Bites and Peanut Butter Balls. She bakes everything in her home kitchen, and since her doggie fare is 100 percent organic and therefore has a shorter shelf life, the oven is almost always on. Human snacks are prepared fresh when ordered.

Joking that her love of baking started when she was old enough to not burn herself, Ryan also has a soft spot for animals thanks to Izzy, her adorable 15-year-old Black Boston terrier pug. “I grew up in a family where cooking, baking and food were all just a very important part of life … my mom and grandmothers taught my sister and I everything we know today. It is something that I hold near and dear to my heart.”

Cooking for dogs isn’t as difficult as it may seem, as there are many healthy ingredients they find pleasing to the palate. “This might surprise you, but dogs love fresh cranberries,” Ryan says. “Cranberries are rich in vitamins including A, B1, B2, C and many nutrients, and are an excellent supplement to your dog’s diet for the promotion of urinary tract health, similar to the health benefits for humans.”

As a bonus, some of Izzy’s Treats are safe for diabetic dogs, and a full list of ingredients can be found on each bag. Ryan recommends everything in moderation: “Two to three treats per day for your canine companion.”

The snacks are available at Izzys-TreatsLV.com and at the Hexx retail shop in Paris Las Vegas, but expect to see the name pop up around town in the coming year. “My goal is to be in more retail shops and potentially in local veterinary clinics throughout the Valley,” Ryan says.