Yuck is Cute, Grungy, and Oh So Fuzzy

Bunkhouse Saloon, March 22

Love it or hate it, it’s time to embrace the music world’s current ‘90s obsession—long hair, Big Muff pedals, light wash jeans and all. Those days are long gone, but as with any form of art, the elements stick around. Yuck rides on the familiar formula of driving rhythms, fuzz (and plenty of it), and folky vocals pioneered by indie greats such as Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement. But they give it a refreshing take by incorporating simple song structures and tuneful melodies. And in the live setting, it plays out magnificently.

The London quartet rocked the Bunkhouse’s compact stage with style and grace: Max Bloom impressively riffed through the screeching leads of “Get Away” while singing. Ed Hayes worked his wah pedal like J. Mascis during the solo of “Hold Me Closer.” And bassist Markio Doi gracefully hammered away at her bass despite her tiny frame. Doi even took singing duties during the upper registers of “Lose My Breath” and the cheery “The Wall.” The highlight of the night happened when Bloom invited a starry-eyed fan named Jessica onstage for a beer and some dancing.

It’s a shame Yuck couldn’t perform at Neon Reverb; the band would’ve fit swimmingly between Ty Segall’s ferocious garage rock and Moonboots’ glorious riffing. ★★★★☆

Photos by Glenn Brogan

Hearts in Motion
Holding Out
Lose My Breath
Get Away
As I Walk Away
Middle Sea
Strange Things
The Wall
Hold Me Closer
I’m Ok