These Adult Coloring Books Are a Bit Off-Color

the_trump_coloring_bookWho cares if adult coloring books have reached peak saturation? You don’t have to be into mandalas, or even sober, to enjoy this earnest trend. You just need crayons, courage, and these seven black-and-white wonders, most of which are available through Amazon.

Trump This: Love him or hate him, GOP front-runner Donald Trump has been immortalized in The Trump Coloring Book (M.G. Anthony, $12). Any disappointment that this book isn’t gold-plated is quickly nullified by the premise: Trump as a Superman-like hero. Inside, you’ll find Trump playing Battleship with South Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, making first contact with an actual alien on Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway, and (obviously) being added to Mount Rushmore. In short, this is one classy piece of work.

Primary Coloring: The offerings for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are not quite as witty as some of the other political coloring books, but as the Democratic front-runner, she merits mention. There’s Hillary Says! An Off-Color Hillary Clinton Coloring Book (Tom F. O’Leary, $8) which has page after austere page of Hillary in different pantsuits with inspirational quotes. This is a real missed opportunity to pair Clinton with, say, Henry Kissinger, in a game of Sorry!

A better option is to ditch the crayons altogether and pick up the Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Playset (Caitlin Kuhwald, $15), a paper doll kit which includes a “phantom” George Washington (to “commune with” when you need to parse a difficult problem) and a set of interchangeable heads that includes Amelia Earhart, Jackie O, and Nancy Reagan. It also includes Supreme Court Justices, Republican adversaries, more pantsuits, an Oprah, a Bono, and an eagle. Caw! Bring it!

ruth_bader_ginsburg_coloring_bookNotorious RBG: Speaking of the highest court in the land, try the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Coloring Pages, created by She Knows. In a dozen (free!) pages, Bader is shown in full #NotoriousRBG fashion—riding a unicorn in front of a rainbow, as a superhero, wearing a puffy jacket, baring ink, taking selfies. This one is really fun. Print yours at

Bernie at the Beach: In Buff Bernie: A Coloring Book for Berniacs (Nicole Daddona, $12), Senator Bernie Sanders is reimagined as the Beach Bro who kicked sand in the Wimpy Guy’s face in those quaint Charles Atlas  ads of the 1950s that sold a strict code of masculinity to a generation of men (and women). The book endows Bernie with “the strength of five grizzly bears and the rugged good looks of 10 lumberjacks.” Buff Bernie is just silly enough for any devotee of the single-entendre gag.

It’s Felito, Rafael if You’re Nasty: In Ted Cruz to the Future: Comic Coloring Activity Book (, $6), we find Senator Cruz, whose childhood nickname was Felito, in one of the best propaganda pieces of the bunch. Released in 2013, this book was clearly meant to be a “fun” way to learn the facts about Cruz, with images of him hunting and celebrating an “epic” 21-hour filibuster—because that’s what the kids are hot for these days, those epic filibusters.

(Check out the Amazon comments section on this one. As “Norse” says in his five-star review: “I didn’t know how well I’d enjoy this book, seeing as how I only have white crayons. But, as it turns out, that’s the only color required!”)

Beer Goggles Sold Separately: What can’t alcohol improve? Well, besides pregnancy. (Although if anyone ever needed a beer, it’s baby mamas.) The Color Me Drunk: A Drinking and Drawing Activity Book (Potter Style, $13) is the adult coloring book for adults who hate coloring books. Maybe you have the art skills to draw a Picasso-style portrait of a person while sober, but let’s see you get all cubist after you’ve had a few.  Not all of the activities in the book are quite so highbrow in nature: You can design your own beer labels and play wino bingo, too.

Lucky Stars: In Unicorns Are Jerks: A Coloring Book Exposing the Cold, Hard, Sparkly Truth (Theo Nicole Lorenz, $7), we learn the truth about the magical beasts. And the truth is a harsh one—from farting in elevators to stealing kid’s backpacks, it happens that unicorns are real dicks.