SNBRN SNBRN | Photo by Galen Oakes

Feel the SNBRN

Strip down for fun under the sun with the tropical house producer at Drai’s Beach Club

These days, Kevin Chapman goes by SNBRN, his musical project that turned out last summer’s most quenching hit release, “Raindrops,” featuring Kerli. SNBRN’s tropical house vibes are an ideal salve for scorching summertime pool parties such as those at Drai’s Beach Club. You can expect to hear decadent tunes like the ones he played on April 17 on select dates this season.

What’s the story behind your track, “Gangsta Walk”?

There was this a capella—a bunch of unreleased Nate Dogg stuff that he’s done—that no one ever got to [use]. I contacted his publisher, who just happened to be doing other stuff with me as well, and he was like, “I have some random Nate Dogg stuff if you want to take a shot at it.” Like a year later, after tracking down his family, the estate, all that stuff, it all came together.

How did you decide what you wanted to do with it?

I knew what I wanted to do. There’s another version that no one will ever see. It came together so quickly just because the second that I heard it, I was like, “All right, I know what this needs to be.” The tempo—because the original vocals are a lot slower—I had to stretch it to a certain extent. It all felt like the almost disco route; then I wanted to keep it all in the same family.

Is that how you usually make music?

No. I’m just finishing up something right now, and I am on version 27. There are so many different things, especially in the beginning, when you are starting something. There are a lot of different ideas that come out and a lot of stuff that doesn’t get used. Then, when you’re finally toward the end, it’s finalized, and it’s just like small little changes and stuff like that.

What is essential to you when you’re making a new track?

Lots and lots of coffee. And Postmates. I like Tender Greens here; it’s so good. I won’t leave [the studio]; I’ll stay in there. I find that I finish songs at, like, 4 or 5 in the morning. I’ll start probably after this interview and I won’t really get anything done because I don’t get anything done during the day for some reason. Work comes at night, when all the creativity comes out and I start getting on a roll.

You have a new track coming out soon, right?

Yeah, it’s a song called “Sometimes.” It’s different from what I have done in the past. It’s with Tobias Kuhn. It’s a different tempo—way more vibe-y. It’s a really cool direction, beautiful song. I believe people are going to be really happy with it.

You’re best known for the tropical vibe of “Raindrops.” If your new track is taking you in a different direction, will your fans recognize it as your work?

Yeah, you’ll for sure know that was me, but the tempo is around 100 beats per minute. It’s a lot slower and a little bit more vibe-y, but you can definitely tell it’s me.

What was your creative process behind the “Gangsta Walk” music video?

The whole music video is this idea I had from the beginning: It had to have like a ’90s VHS look. “Gangsta Walk” is such a fun song that I was like, “Why don’t we do it with kids?” With kids and the whole ’90s thing, it reminds me of Blink 182’s “Man Overboard.” It kind of has that vibe to it; everyone’s a kid.

Are you into that old-school rap vibe?

Oh, yeah. I love old-school rap. I like a lot of older stuff as well: the early 2000s and late ’90s. There’s something cool about that. Even punk rock as well. I like Sublime and Pennywise, stuff like that.

Warped Tour kind of stuff?

Oh, my God. I grew up on Warped Tour. I still love that stuff to death.