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Weddings on the Go

Equipped with a retro teardrop trailer that operates as a mobile chapel, the pop-up wedding company Flora Pop delivers matrimonial bliss just about anywhere, from desert landscapes to national parks to Downtown Las Vegas. Founder Victoria Hogan talks about the growing success of the nontraditional elopement.

How did you first get the idea for your business?

Flora Pop started on my bicycle in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. I wanted to be a mobile flower stand, like all the street vendors in Manhattan. So I decided to set up outside both courthouses and sell bridal bouquets that were more unique than the offerings inside.

How did you get the idea for pop-up weddings?

After moving back to Las Vegas in 2012 and [working] in the floral design world, one day it hit me: I could do it all. I became the civil celebrant, florist and the venue.

What is the appeal of pop-up weddings?

Pop-up weddings are a simple and elegant alternative to a traditional wedding. Couples get to focus on their love and why they chose to get married, instead of catering to their families’ wishes for their day.

Who is your typical client?

I attract very adventurous couples. They share a love for going against traditional ideas and prefer to invest their money on their honeymoon. Their elopement is the reason they’re traveling, but the adventures they have along the way are what make the experience unforgettable.

Flora Pop has been around for two years, and you’ve put together more than 175 pop-up weddings. Any memorable moments that stand out?

I once did a surprise proposal with two Elvis impersonators, a vintage car and a complete setup in the middle of the desert. The soon-to-be-bride had no idea. Her fiancé sang along, and then popped the question. I work in all facets of the wedding world, not just the weddings themselves.

What’s your advice to couples about to be married?

Your wedding is about you. Make sure that’s always the question you’re asking yourself. Is this for us or for other people? I find my clients to be truly happy with their decision to elope. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Wedding licenses have been down in recent years. How is the local market treating you?

The Las Vegas wedding market is dated and somewhat stale. However, we are the Wedding Capital of the World, so people continue to come here. I saw an opening in the market that needed to be filled, and it has been wildly successful.

What’s in store for Flora Pop’s future?

Flora Pop is expanding rapidly. We’re including other popular wedding destinations such as Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park and Big Sur. Elopements are possible worldwide. My plans are for Flora Pop to be a permanent feature in the Las Vegas wedding scene, and a Southern expansion is also on the horizon. –Nicole Ely

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