Krausman and Wilson at the door of what was supposed to be DW Market.

DW Bistro to Close, Relocate and Expand

For the past few years, fans of the southwest’s popular DW Bistro have been awaiting the opening of an associated food market in the nearby Gramercy complex. Now, after numerous delays, owners Bryce Krausman and Dalton Wilson have shifted gears. The Gramercy is still a go, but it will not be a market. Rather, it will replace the original bistro, which will close its doors in August. But expansion is still in the works. The pair has just finalized plans to take over the World Market Center spot that previously housed the Mexican restaurant Mundo, which closed in December.

“We’ve been working on the project with Gramercy for almost three years,” Krausman says. “We were trying to build a DW Market with cooking classes and other stuff. But it just wasn’t coming together just right for us. And we were almost going to bail on the project until the Gramercy came back and said, ‘What are you looking for?’ They basically wanted us to be a flagship tenant there.”

At the same time, the lease on the Fort Apache Road space they’ve occupied for six years is coming to an end. So Krausman and Wilson made the decision to move the main restaurant operation to the larger space.

“We know our restaurant business,” Krausman says. “We’ve never had a market, yet that doesn’t mean we’re not gonna have one down the road. It just means we’ll scale down the size of what was once going to be the market to accommodate the lateral move of the restaurant.”

As for what loyal customers can expect, Krausman says it’ll be everything DW is now, and then some. “We’ll do our lunch and our brunch over there as normal. And then we’re going to do an elevated dinner, kind of up the ante a little bit—not necessarily raising prices, but raising the menu a little bit. [And] our famous pastries on the weekends, we’ll be able to offer seven days a week over there.” Yes, you read that right: Thanks to the Gramercy’s residential tenants, the new place will be open seven days a week.

DW Bistro’s current location will remain in operation through August, when the team usually takes a few weeks off for vacation. This time, however, they’ll use the downtime to move into the new space, which should be ready for a grand opening by Labor Day. “We never had a grand-opening party,” Krausman says. “So I feel like we should have one there.”

As for Downtown at the Market Center, look for a pop-up in the space during this summer’s Las Vegas Market furniture trade show, which runs from July 31-August 4. Then in the fall, they’re hoping to open the space full time as DW @ MKT. Krausman and Wilson believe it will help them to better serve their geographically diverse fan base. “We don’t always get our Downtown dwellers,” Krausman says of the original location. “So we’ll be able to have brunches [and other things] down there for all of our clients who live [there] and don’t often travel up here.”