Jacob Plant

UK’s Jacob Plant Brings Down the House

Jacob Plant has been making moves in the music industry with the endorsement of Calvin Harris, with whom he’ll be playing on July 30 at Wet Republic at MGM Grand. Plant has also made the move—from his home in the U.K. to the U.S.—multiple times. However, his most recent relocation is a calculated career effort, and so far, it’s working out well for this son of England.

When we spoke two and a half years ago, you said you were moving to L.A. from the U.K. Then you moved back to the U.K. and have again returned to the U.S. What’s behind all this back and forth?

I have a place in England, a home to visit, and I’m still trying to see if I prefer here or there. I believe I’m out here now, going to stay out in L.A.

Does it make it easier to work when you’re in L.A.?

Yeah, it’s good. In England, I’ve got a really good studio in my house, so it’s easier, studio-wise. [In L.A.] I use different studios, which is quite nice. It’s way better out [in L.A.]—sessions, people and gigs to go to.

This move is accompanied by lots of new material, such as your new mix series on SoundCloud. What types of music and which artists are you using on these mixes?

It’s a kind of mix of house and bass-house sound. I try not to dig on Beatport or Top 100 for those mixes; I try to find younger artists who I find exciting, people who are making a new sound and pushing the boundaries more than just the style and stuff you hear all the time.

If not Beatport, then what do you use?

SoundCloud or Twitter, and other people’s music and other people’s sets. Word of mouth, as well. So kind of everywhere, but mainly online. I get sent a lot of music. But sometimes it’s really hard [because] you get sent so much music, it’s difficult to filter it all. Sometimes, I like just looking for it rather than it being sent.

How should aspiring producers try to get your attention?

Normally, I’ll get a tweet from someone, and I’ll follow them back and speak to them [through direct messages]. That normally works out really well for getting music and for organizing sessions. It cuts out the middle man. You don’t have to wait for managers to speak to each other and organize a day. You can just message them and say, “Do you want to meet up?”

jacob plant

Jacob Plant performs at Omnia nightclub in April.

What do you listen to when you’re at home?

Everything, really. I actually probably don’t listen to much [dance music] in my spare time. Mainly hip-hop.

Which hip-hop artists are you really into right now?

I’ve always been into more the U.K. sounds, like the grime sounds. It’s kind of getting bigger here in the States. All the U.K. and London sounds I really like. I listen to that a lot when I’m [in the U.S.] just to remind me of home.

Every now and then, you drop a single. What’s the ultimate goal for those tracks?

I want to build up and release singles, like Calvin Harris has done in the past. Maybe lead up to an album. [I want to] try to make more radio[-friendly] records instead of just club records. And work with as many people as I can.

Who do you work with on these upcoming releases?

Mainly vocalists. Producers are always good to work with because you learn stuff. Especially sessions with U.K. artists such as the Grand Masters. Now I’m out here and want to work with more singers who [are well] known.

You’ll be performing again with Calvin Harris in Las Vegas in July. Can you tell me how you guys linked up?

It was a couple of years ago, releasing music on his label [Fly Eye], which is now part of Spinnin’ Records. We’ve been speaking for a couple of years, and he sometimes helps with some of the songs I write. He gives me feedback, which is really cool. We speak mainly about music, and the opportunity came up for support slots with him this summer, so I said, “Yeah.” That was one of the reasons I came to move here really—to do more of that. To be closer to my management and all the other artists out here. [Before April 29 at Omnia,] I had never really opened up for him in a big place like that before.

Prior to that performance, had you been to any of the megaclubs in Las Vegas?

No, I hadn’t. I always said the first time I went to Vegas, I wanted to play or do a bachelor party. I finally got one, which is good.