Seven Questions With Will Arnett

The actor on which hockey players he’s too nervous to meet, "BoJack Horseman’s" third season and what Gob Bluth could learn from Criss Angel.

13-03-05_THR_Netflix_0354_lg.jpgYou’re hosting the 2016 NHL Awards at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and you’re a big hockey fan. Which players are you excited to meet?

I don’t want to single anyone. Mostly, I don’t want to make it weird for them. I’m such a big hockey fan that hockey players are the one group of people I get sincerely star-struck by.

But if I have to pick, of the current players, I’d be in awe to meet Sidney Crosby and Patrick Kane. I would probably be at a loss as to what to say to those dudes. My all-time hero is retired Wendel Clark, former Toronto Maple Leaf. That’s a guy I would seriously fan boy over. I’ve had the opportunity to meet him before, but I’ve never done it, because I’m just too nervous to meet the dude.

Las Vegas could be getting an NHL team soon. What do you think the team’s name should be?

Of course, the Gamblers would be good. Maybe the Jackpots? The Las Vegas Strips? I don’t know if the Devils would be cool with this, but the Las Vegas Desert Demons could work. Or just the Roadrunners.

It would be great [for Las Vegas] to have a team. With the new (T-Mobile) arena, if they could somehow convince the NHL to get a team there and with the prospective move of the Raiders, overnight Vegas could become a very serious sports town in its own right. That would be great.

You hosted the Late Late Show last year. How do you prepare for hosting gigs?

I do a lot of staring into the mirror and yelling at myself like a coach would. A lot of “Do you have it in you to be a champion?” “What are you made of?” I act like a real hard-ass coach with myself. You know, look for the eye of the tiger.

You’ve starred in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and your Netflix series Flaked, both released this year, and have voiced several characters, including Batman from The LEGO Movie and the animated series BoJack Horseman. Do you have a preference between live action and voice acting?

They both scratch a different itch for me. One of the great things about working on BoJack or LEGO Batman is I can go in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I can be disheveled and don’t have to get ready, and it’s great to create a character just using my voice. When I was working on the Turtles movie, I was running around, and I get to be more physical. When I was working on Flaked, I got to ride my bike around Venice and be outside. Each one is fun and interesting for different reasons.

Do you ever find yourself doing the Batman voice at home?

It is something I’ve been known to do. I usually drop into [that voice] when I need to get stuff done around the house with the kids. They respond better. I find the lower and slower I speak, the more power I have. Kinda like [in Batman voice] “Guys, it’s time to clean up your toys.” That really gets it done.

BoJack Horseman returns to Netflix in July for its third season. What can we expect?

We laid the groundwork in the first two seasons that took people on an unexpected ride. On the surface, it’s a droll look at the pitfalls and machinations of Hollywood. But once you get into it, you see there’s a lot more going on. It’s sort of a dissertation on depression. In Season 3, we go deeper into what is really going on with BoJack, how he got to this place and how he can move on and live in this world.

How would Gob Bluth, your dim magician character from Arrested Development, stack up against Criss Angel?

Criss Angel is a more refined Gob. He has the routine down a little more. Gob is not the brightest dude. He understands the showman aspect of his acts, but he hasn’t really mastered the magic. So if he spent a little more time mastering that, he might’ve had the career that Criss Angel has.

I would like to see them in a magic contest. I think Gob would win. Gob’s most successful trick was when he made a yacht disappear, so we’d need a large body of water.