Humans of EDC 2016

Electric Daisy Carnival presents its own unique cultural phenomenon that has been snowballing for two decades. Each year, the festival brings out hundreds of thousands of partygoers of all different backgrounds who seek the unprecedented entertainment and engagement that EDC offers through its grand stages, big-name DJs, art, performances, and overall atmosphere. Many fans come dressed in costume and have all kinds of stories to tell about their inimitable looks or their stories in relation to the crown jewel of electronic music: EDC Las Vegas.

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Eric, Gay EDC Facebook Group

“[We’re] the gay EDC Facebook group, we are meeting here [at upside-downHOUSE] and meeting later at Electric Avenue. We also wanted to commemorate everyone who died in Orlando. There were two people in the group who passed away.”

EDC2016_CrJesseJSutherland (69 of 106)Jesse Sutherland


“I make all of my kandi, everything I made. The big cuff took me an hour because I’ve been making so many, so it became like a habit. I’ve got a lot more, too.”

EDC2016_CrJesseJSutherland (68 of 106)Ian Caramanzana | Vegas Seven


“I went to my first rave and I saw that they had these [hula hoops]. I had no idea about them and I was like, ‘Oh, I want that.’ [The hoop] is frickin’ expensive, though. And it’s actually harder than it looks.”

EDC2016_CrJesseJSutherland (67 of 106)Jesse Sutherland

Rob and Ben

Rob: “The best part about EDC is all of these beautiful people coming together, having an amazing time under one roof.

EDC2016_CrJesseJSutherland (64 of 106)Jesse Sutherland

Randy and Eddy

Randy: “It took maybe about 4 months to get the [head] design and get everything ready.”

EDC2016_CrJesseJSutherland (53 of 106)Jesse Sutherland


“I did this [cape] in probably…this was a snow day, actually. I’m a speech pathologist and I work with kids. So when there’s snow, there’s no work. So this was actually about 8 hours, to put this together.”

EDC2016_CrJesseJSutherland (50 of 106)Jesse Sutherland


“I always dress up for dance music festivals. I’m going to five festivals this year. This is the only one I travel for. I’m from a suburb of Chicago. I’m going to Pitchfork, then Lollapalooza, then Northcoast, and then Riot Fest. Maybe Freaky Deaky Halloween, depending on the lineup that hasn’t been announced, yet.”

EDC2016_CrJesseJSutherland (49 of 106)Jesse Sutherland


“I actually kinda cheated; I bought this. [Dressing up] is the best part. I love Halloween and I love dressing up.”

EDC2016_CrJesseJSutherland (39 of 106)Jesse Sutherland

Ariana, Lexi and Stephanie

Ariana: “I like meeting new people, like right now.”
Lexi: “Everyone is so nice.”
Ariana: “You meet people who have the same kind of connection as you, the same interests as you. How crazy you dance in your room you can dance here with everyone else.”

EDC2016_CrJesseJSutherland (47 of 106)Ian Caramanzana | Vegas Seven


“It’s something that I represent. It’s the alligator: It’s a fierce look.”