Lucky Foo’s Fork & Spoon Pays It Forward One Plate at a Time

Lucky Foo’s yakitori tacos. | Photo courtesy of Lucky Foo's

Lucky Foo’s yakitori tacos. | Photo courtesy of Lucky Foo’s

Lucky Foo’s Sushi, Cocktails & Kitchen will debut its first ever pay-it-forward “pop up” restaurant, Fork & Spoon LV, on June 27. The event is powered by Serving Hope LV, an organization of Las Vegas locals who serve the community (anywhere from 250-600 individuals) each Monday night Downtown. Although Foo’s menu is a mash-up of Asian, American and Mexican cuisines, the pop-up will feature a four-course meal featuring the “electric Latin fusion” of Las Vegas’ chef Beni Velazquez formerly of Downtown’s Bar+Bistro and Isabela’s in Desert Shores.

Here’s how it works: You buy a plate, they give a plate. In other words, for each plate of food sold, a plate of equal value will be given to someone here in the Las Vegas community who is less fortunate. Better still, the menu will not have any prices listed, instead allowing diners to leave what they feel is appropriate—$10, $20, $500 …

This month’s dinner is invite-only, but be sure to keep the event on your radar and be ready to chow for charity in the near future. Lucky Foo’s owner Michael Fuller is confident it will be “a massive success,” hopefully so much so that he will open the doors to us to open our pockets.