Vegas Girls Night Out Takes the Pain Out of Your Champagne Campaign

It’s Friday night, and Lisa’s finally broken up with Todd. Not man-bun barista Todd, but lifeguard Todd, the one who never wears socks. This calls for a celebration. But Brenda’s on a budget, Carla’s dying to hit Omnia because Calvin Harris is single again, Sonia’s craving Giada’s, and Morgan’s set on seeing a Strip show. So, what do you do when the members of your girl gang all want different things? You call Vegas Girls Night Out (

“The most important thing [to know] about Vegas Girls Night Out is that it’s [about] women—women helping women,” says Bri Steck, founder and CEO of the boutique concierge service that launched in 2015. “We’re here because we feel like we know best what a woman would want.”

And they do. Vegas Girls Night Out caters to a gal’s every whim. You can book a night out for almost anything: bachelorette party, divorce party, I-need-a-stiff-drink-and-a-steak party. Everything the company sells, Steck says, her team experiences first-hand. There’s no limit to what you can do. “Whatever excuse you want to party, we have it for you.”

Vegas Girls Night Out offers a plethora of party packages from which to choose. Steck says the most popular booking is the Thunder Storm Through Vegas package, which nets you and your girls VIP tickets to Thunder From Down Under, a limo ride to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign with a bottle of bubbly and access to up to nine nightclubs with open bar at select venues. And that’s just a standard package. Steck says she can even arrange for her customers to meet the performers of the male revue if they’re willing to pay a little extra. More expensive packages will get you in the first 10 rows of Britney Spears’ Piece of Me and a photo with the star, but Steck’s goal isn’t to upsell. She’s working hard to offer everyday customers something that works within their budget.

“We can go above and beyond, but we try to make it affordable so that you don’t have to spend crazy money to have a good time in Vegas,” she says. “And you can be local. You don’t have to just be a tourist.”

The majority of Steck’s packages cost $200 per person or less. But if none of what you see on Vegas Girls Night Out’s website suits you, they’ll create a custom package just for you.

Steck’s ability to pull so many strings is a testament to her career. The Las Vegas native comes from a background in entertainment public relations and marketing, so to say relationships matter to her is an understatement. In 2012, she created Night School 4 Girls, a pole-dancing class targeted toward women looking for a sexy night out. Certain classes came with bonus Thunder tickets, which Steck had easy access to since her husband is co-owner and co-producer of the show. With time, Steck’s clients began asking for more late-night options, so she launched Vegas Girls Night Out to meet that need. The concierge service has made an impression on Las Vegas’ entertainment landscape, and not just with the ladies.

“Because we send so many girls, the nightclubs treat us very well and treat our guests well,” Steck says. “I don’t work with them as a traditional promoter does [with] paying and billing. I’m just sending you people. Just make sure you take care of them.”

Restaurants also share this sentiment toward Steck’s concierge service. If you and your ladies want to indulge in a fine dinner on the Strip, that can be arranged. Dining partners such as Carmine’s, Giada’s and Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill offer a prix-fixe menu, which you can pay for in advance, and that includes tax and tip. No more splitting the check a dozen ways.

Cultivating these partnerships wasn’t always easy. In the early stages of the company, Steck says some of the men in the nightlife industry had a hard time understanding the concept. “It took them realizing the power that we have behind us …  and all of our partners seeing what we can do for them that [made them say], ‘OK, we’re on board.’”

These trials are what make Steck the entrepreneur she is today. One of the bigger lessons she says she’s learned is “don’t take things personally. It’s a business. Sometimes women react off of emotion, so you have to think more like a man.”

This way of thinking is what sets Vegas Girls Night Out’s business model apart from other concierge services. On top of the business-to-customer sales the company makes, it also does business to business, offering an affiliate program where other businesses can buy packages at a discounted rate to sell on their own websites.

If you’re thinking of planning a night out, it’s best to plan ahead. Steck says the second quarter of the year is bachelorette season, so some women are calling six months in advance, and locals are eligible for a discount. Vegas Girls Night Out defies the bullish approach some businesses take. Instead of fiercely competing and aggressively up-selling, the company acknowledges it’s the people that make it successful. As Steck says, “It’s all about relationships.”