Dive In Movies, Elvis Takes Sam’s Town and More

elvisThursday 14

You can’t really consider yourself a Las Vegas resident unless you are, or know, an Elvis impersonator. So there’s a good chance you’ll be at Sam’s Town through Sunday for Images of the King, a gathering of all things Elvis. Weekend highlight: a tribute artist contest. SamsTownLV.com.

Friday 15

There’s nothing quite like watching a good mob movie at the Mob Museum. The Untouchables is a good mob movie, especially if you also like baseball. It’s showing at 7 p.m., but get there 15 minutes early for a fact-or-fiction discussion. TheMobMuseum.org.

Saturday 16

Do kids still dream of being firefighters when they grow up? Whatever the answer, you can take yours to meet real firefighters and inspect real fire trucks at the Henderson Fire Department Open House, 11 a.m. Four stations will be welcoming visitors. CityofHenderson.com.

Sunday 17

We don’t live far enough north to witness the aurora in our night skies, but we do live in proximity to Springs Preserve, and it’s hosting Aurora: Fire in the Sky, which delves into the scientific and cultural aspects of this amazing phenomenon. 3 p.m,. weekends in July. SpringsPreserve.org.

Monday 18

Mondays can be a little slow this time of year. Thus, we recommend that you combine two excellent warm-weather activities—swimming and movie watching—and hit Dive In Movies at the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool. The picture is Rocky, the view is amazing and the water is refreshing. 7 p.m. CosmopolitanLasVegas.com.

Tuesday 19

Sharks gotta eat, too, you know. They have some at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and they get fed thrice weekly, including Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m. Makes for a nice summer outing with the kids. LVNHM.org.

Wednesday 20

Ah, the joys of summer. Scorching sun, bored kids, road trips, cold drinks. It’s all fair game for local artists whose work is on display at the Joy of Summer Art Show, through August 15 at the Stone Soup Art Center in the North Las Vegas City Hall. CityofNorthLasVegas.com.