Vam'p. | Photo by Krystal Ramirez

Meet Your Bar Hall of Fame 2016 Inductees

As the Vegas Seven Bar Hall of Fame enters its fifth year, the list grows to 30— yes, 30 great bars. More than 10,000 readers voted for their favorite drinking establishments. Some contests were called early, others stayed close until the end, a few ended in a surprise and at least one got close enough that the refs needed to call it. (Don’t worry: When it comes to bottles and barstools, our professional experience is formidable. And that doesn’t include the many avocational hours we’ve spent …)

And so we welcome our five new inductees. A hard-drinking blues dive with a checkered past. An elegant cocktail lounge with a top-floor view of the Strip. A century-old saloon with tin ceilings and bullet holes in the walls. A Sunset Strip-style joint with a heavy-metal soundtrack. And, of course, a tiki bar. So raise a glass and say Salud, Slàinte, Prost, Kanpai and Cheers to the Vegas Seven Bar Hall of Fame’s Class of 2016! 

Class of 2016

Category: Dives

Inductee: Sand Dollar Lounge

3355 Spring Mountain Rd., 702-485-5401,

Readers also liked: Moon Doggies, Huntridge Tavern

Category: Old-School

Inductee: Pioneer Saloon

310 W. Spring St., Goodsprings, 702-874-9362,

Readers also liked: Golden Steer, Mountain Springs Saloon

Category: Downtown

Inductee: Frankie’s Tiki Room

1712 W. Charleston Blvd., 702-385-3110,

Readers also liked: Artifice, The Griffin

Category: Strip & Environs

Inductee: Mandarin Bar

In Mandarin Oriental, 888-881-9367,

Readers also liked: Chandelier, Vesper Bar

Category: Neighborhoods

Inductee: Count’s Vamp’d

6750 W. Sahara Ave. 702-220-8849,

Readers also liked: Nora’s, Gilligan’s HideAway

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