Illustration by Cierra Pedro

New Paperless Sample Ballot Program Saves Money

Forget Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (or Libertarian presidential hopeful Gary Johnson), the big news at the Clark County Election Department is the push to get registered voters to go paperless. Thanks to legislation passed in 2015, Clark and Washoe counties have launched efforts to encourage voters to get their sample ballots by email rather than the traditional paper ones mailed out before Election Day.

“The change to state law allows voters to choose paperless sample ballots,” Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin says.

The change could save $1.20 per voter before Election Day on November 8. This savings includes the printing and postage costs. (Sample ballots for the primaries were smaller and therefore the cost-was about $1 per voter.)

Some 9,000 people have changed to a paperless sample ballot, Kulin says. About 6,900 of those switched before the primaries, saving the county $6,900 on those sample ballots.

With about 930,000 registered voters in Clark County—a number that grows each week with registration drives gearing up for the general election—the county is hoping to do better than the meager 1 percent who have signed up so far.

The county is hoping the initiative will gain momentum from word-of-mouth. It hasn’t bought any ads to help spread the word. Kulin says he is doing his small part.

“I’ve personally walked several people through the sign-up process online,” Kulin says.

To switch your sample ballot to paperless or to update your voter registration, go to