Klondike Sunset Newest Addition to Locals Gaming

Courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Facebook

It’s been awhile, almost two years since a casino has debuted. Earlier this month Klondike Sunset became the first casino to open since SLS Las Vegas in August 2014 (assuming you don’t count a rebranding at Delano a month later). On Sunset Road just west of Boulder Highway, Klondike Sunset opened quietly for sure. No ad campaign. No fireworks. But open it did.

If you knew the property as Tom’s Sunset and the previous Klondike Sunset, you won’t recognize the new product. Cleaned up and redesigned, the big back bar is gone in favor of a slick island bar in the center of the casino. Carpets and interiors are new, with TVs tuned to sports all around. Employees are young and energetic.

All good, but there’s another significant change: There are no live table games. The previous Klondike offered $2 blackjack and one roulette wheel with a 10-cent minimum and a 50-cent aggregate bet. No one does that anymore, including Klondike, as it’s all machines this time around. Employees told me a sports book is coming, but no one knew which operator would run it (my money’s on a William Hill satellite). Regardless, it will be a good addition.

Video poker schedules are decent. Best at quarters and half-dollars, both on the floor and at the bar, is 7/5 Bonus Poker with a 98% return. There’s a 3-way Double Double Bonus progressive for quarters that might draw your attention, but resist the urge—the reset (the point at which the progressives begin) on this one is under 96%, so the meters must advance significantly before it renders a return above the Bonus Poker option. Bump your play up to dollars and Bonus Poker improves to 8/5, which is a strong 99%-plus return.

Sign up for a players card and you’ll get a choice of a T-shirt or a baseball cap, plus $5 in free-play. Earn $50 points ($100 coin-in) and get a phone charger.

The bar has several draft beer selections starting at $3 for an 18-ounce PBR. There’s also a full-service kitchen featuring a $12.95 prime rib dinner, but I haven’t tried it yet because of a couldn’t-resist offer in the same neighborhood.

Right around the corner, the Skyline on Boulder Highway has instituted a new special in its coffee shop. Daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., a prime rib or a New York steak dinner is $5.95. It’s a bare-bones meal that comes with a choice of potato and a roll only—no salad or vegetable—but both the steak and the prime are big guys, making this a heck of a value for the price.

Check out the new Klondike and get your sign-up bonuses, then throw in Skyline for the rare new-casino-and-dinner-for-two-under-$15 parlay.

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor and LasVegasAdvisor.com.