Celebrity Cannabis

celeb_cannabis_illo_WEBThese days, it’s not enough to be famous for one’s talents. It’s fine to be an actor or an athlete, but what really makes bank is being a brand, expanding into as many fields as possible (actor and athlete) and putting that well-known name on everything from sneakers to spaghetti sauce. Increasingly, that menu of potential endorsements includes cannabis, with anumber of celebrities getting in on the action.

Tommy Chong has been identified with weed since his Still Smokin’ days. He had his own line of glass bongs and wound up serving nine months in federal prison in 2003 on drug paraphernalia charges but today, his line of marijuana, Chong’s Choice, is sold legally in six states. The Bob Marley name has been carried on by his family, both musically and with headphones, backpacks, coffee, energy drinks and now the Marley Natural marijuana line. Willie Nelson just launched his brand, Willie’s Reserve in Colorado and Washington. The line offers eighths, pre-rolls, disposable vape pens and several strains, but it’s too bad there aren’t any seeds left from the pot Willie smoked on the roof of the White House: Oval Office Diesel would probably be a best-seller.

Another natural to the biz is Snoop Dogg with his Leafs by Snoop marijuana line, which has flower, wax and edibles in a dozen flavors, all with unexpectedly elegant packaging that looks more like Neiman Marcus guest soaps than some rapper’s weed. He’s also rolled out the Merry Jane website as the first step in creating a marijuana-centric media platform. Wiz Khalifa has renewed his deal with RAW rolling papers and is developing his own line of smokables with Colorado’s RiverRock Cannabis.

Melissa Etheridge has a line of cannabis-infused wine, while Whoopi Goldberg has Whoopi & Maya, a line of cannabis products for menstrual discomfort that includes balms, tinctures and bath salts. However, not every famous name you see on a bag of buds is in the biz. Stevie Wonder hybrid and Michael Phelps OG are merely tributes to beloved figures, albeit ones that are a little more edgy than a T-shirt.