Megan Lund

The Dispensary Manager: Megan Lund of the Dispensary

Megan Lund, Manager of The Dispensary

The dispensary is where the cannabis industry culminates, where money and time become a product for a patient. Megan Lund, manager at The Dispensary knows what it takes to get to that point. Growing cannabis has been a family project for years; witnessing every step of the process has given her a range of knowledge that she shares with both budtenders and patients. “I believe so much in the plant that it’s not hard to talk about it,” she says, discussing the details of the dosing of a cake pop versus that of a Cheeba Chew, the qualities of a Rosin Rocket over a standard pre-roll and not just indica or sativa, but the minutiae of which variant of lemon haze would best suit a client’s needs.

It’s about sharing knowledge to help patients. … I’m able to talk more about the plant because I know that much more about it, from the growing side to the production side to doing extractions. It helps a lot—knowing about terpene profiles and the different cannabinoids and their benefits. Plus, I’ve made my own medicine for years. From the seed to where it’s actually helping people, I’ve done all of that. So it comes very naturally.

You have to listen to the patient. Do they want an indica or a sativa? How are the different percentages of things going to affect different people? We have a lot of people coming in for the first time who have never smoked marijuana … you don’t want to scare them. It has to be sometimes a really gradual introduction.

Dealing with really sick patients, it’s on a different scale. It’s a more personal thing—I love seeing people’s way of life improving, and I know when they leave that’s going to happen for them. I wish I could go to my 15-year-old self and say, “You’re going to have a lot of shitty jobs. But when you get to 35, you’re going to have the career of your dreams. It won’t be just a job: It’ll be something more.”

Different shops draw different types of customers. … Our Henderson store is more of a neighborhood dispensary—flower is definitely the biggest seller, but edibles are big, too. Topicals are becoming pretty popular as well. It’s an easy introduction for people who don’t necessarily want to smoke but want to relieve their pain. Decatur is a little more of a tourist store. There’s a lot of new dispensaries in that area so there’s competition, but I think the way that we train our budtenders is top-notch: We’re more of a connoisseur’s shop. We’re going to have all of the really good stuff.