The Inno-Vaper: Pantelis Ataliotis of Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Pen 2The cannabis industry is more than just what’s grown in the soil. It’s also about the other businesses that spring up to serve customers, like vaporizer pen company Dr. Dabber, which recently moved from Florida to Las Vegas. Not that it’s entirely new turf: Company CEO Jamie Rosen was a professional poker player and his need for a discreet vape pen while playing was the impetus that got Dr. Dabber off the ground. The company has only been in business since September of 2013, but their products have gotten praise from thousands of customers, as well as leading publications such as High Times and The CannanbistSeven spoke to Dr. Dabber president Pantelis Ataliotis about a business that keeps getting bigger.

The company started small…
We weren’t involved in the industry at all when we started. We were basically consumers –it was like the newest, coolest thing when vaporizers started becoming a little more mainstream. We ended up buying pretty much every name brand out there, one by one, and having an issue with them either breaking to bad quality. Basically, we decided to start looking into what it was that made the vaporizers that we own not live up to our standards and went from there… We decided to brand the product and employ the tweaks and calibrations we had come up with. That’s how Dr. Dabber came to be.

We’re all just riding a wave that’s getting bigger and bigger. Our market keeps growing, so it’s really hard to quantify how big the company has become because it’s just scratched the surface at this point. It’s tough to say. We went from selling maybe 5, 10 orders online to now we’re in 2,000 stores across the country. We’ve got a distributor in Switzerland, Netherlands, the UK, South Africa, and our web site sales are 5,000 visitors a day now.

Dr. Dabber PenGiving the people what they want…
We do actually get a lot of our feedback from the customers. We don’t really look at what the competition does, it’s more about our customers and our customer base and what they ask for in a product.

Unfortunately, a lot of the branding in this industry is very tacky. We’re not ashamed of what we do, but we also don’t want to advertise it. The whole idea is we want to appeal to the doctor or lawyer or someone who just wants to stick it in his pocket and use it occasionally…. our whole motto is high-class, low profile. We keep our products at a premium. We use pure titanium coils instead of Nichrome, and stuff like that, plus the quality control is very stringent in our factory.

How Las Vegas lures businesses…
We actually started the business in Florida and we strategically moved to Vegas at the start of this year. There were a couple different reasons. One of them was the fact that we do 5 to 10 trade shows here a year anyway. We’re spending all the money to ship out products and the team. Secondly, we needed a bigger space. Finally, the fact that Nevada is most likely going recreational and I think it will definitely be beneficial for us once all of this starts rolling out. We’ve only been in the state for about six months, but we already have employee relationships with pretty much every single dispensary in the city. It was a good move for us.