KINDLAND Activates the Cannabis Community

Blunt Box

Blunt Box

Some things just go together. Sports and beer. Ballet and champagne. Rock ’n’ roll n’ whiskey. And, of course, comedy and cannabis, which will come together at Life Is Beautiful’s KINDLAND comedy house and cannabis community. The space will be a comedy venue, but serve up information along with laughs.

Coordinating the space is The Kind, a cannabis lifestyle website that will be celebrating its first anniversary in November. Founder and CEO Mike France says The Kind is about “the community of people who rely on or use cannabis to improve their lives or experiences, and the deep connections between cannabis and culture: from music and entertainment, to health and science, to policy and social issues.” The site features a variety of content: reporting, reviews, videos and photo galleries covering everything from new products to TV shows to legal developments.

Other sponsors at the KINDLAND include High There!, a “cannabis social community” that is rather like Tinder for those who partake. The site can be used to find smoking buddies, cannabis-inclined dates and keep up on recent developments in the marijuana world. Another is Blunt Box, a product that has five, high-end flower rolls in a specially designed box. “Our master growers come from the Bay Area California,” says Mike Olortegui of Blunt Box. “You’ll see a heavy assortment from some of the best strains from there,” he says. “We need to separate our product from what people are used to,” he says, adding that Blunt Box is also in talks about collaborating with artists and celebrities: “They will have a custom strain created for them by our master growers, like a cologne. Each artist’s strain would be different in terms of packaging, contents, marketing, etc.”

Also present will be Yes On 2, the group that is organizing and supporting efforts toward legalizing adult recreational marijuana use in Nevada. “The Yes on 2 campaign is excited to be part of Life is Beautiful because we know that a majority of Nevadans support ending prohibition and we want to give our supporters a chance to express themselves through our social media campaign,” says Joe Brezny, spokesman for Yes On 2. “With the high number of locals who attend LIB and the cultural ties between marijuana, music, and the arts, we are proud to be part of this very important cultural event that is re-defining downtown Las Vegas.” 

With comedy, community and even a little education, KINDLAND is the first cannabis activation at a major U.S. music festival—but it probably won’t be the last.