Dazzle Africa Strives for Wildlife Change

For those who have ever thought about making a difference but feel overwhelmed by the enormity of it, Dazzle Africa’s Stacy James needs you to know: You can dream, declare and deliver that change.

“If you see something that isn’t right, whether it is something in your community, something in your school, something in your world, you can have that vision, get committed, be consistent and start seeing the positive result of what you’re doing,” James says.

Her transformative moment came in the Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, where a small family of elephants walked through the lobby, ate mangoes and interacted with guests and hotel staff. She was overwhelmed with gratitude for the simplicity of life in the community and wanted to help preserve that beauty.

dazzle_africa_03_WEBFounded in 2012, Dazzle Africa focuses on protecting wildlife, educating children and enriching the community of Mfuwe. Every year James leads Las Vegans on safaris, but first guests must raise a minimum of $1,000 to donate to Dazzle Africa. The donations help pay the salary of a full-time Mfuwe wildlife veterinarian and hire scouts who patrol the bush for illegal animal snares and enforce antipoaching laws.

Now James is seeking an additional $85,000 to fund an airplane that will be dedicated to scientific research and antipoaching activities.

The nonprofit group partners with Las Vegas schools such as Ed W. Clark High School to raise awareness about protecting the planet’s wildlife. James discusses how the students can make a difference with the resources they have around them.

The real difference may be the impact Dazzle Africa has had on Las Vegas residents. Participants in the safari also visit Zambian schools and communities, bringing a little Vegas to the villages.

“The entire experience of Zambia and Mfuwe Lodge was magical,” says Shannon Fessler, a Valley resident and safari participant. “It was life-changing getting to know the students’ dreams and laughing and dancing together with them.”

You can donate to Dazzle Africa or get involved in the upcoming conservation or luxury safari at DazzleAfrica.org, or contact Stacy James at 702-332-1501.