Photo by Bennett Sell-Kline

Bassnectar Invokes Every Nuance of the Low End

Saturday’s musical selection at the Troubadour stage was what some would call merciless. The entire day featured aggressive bass music. Finding himself at the headlining timeslot was Lorin “Bassnectar” Ashton, an artist who seamlessly and quickly weaves through every subgenre of this realm from dubstep to drum ’n’ bass to trap, hip-hop and even some ambient thrown in from time to time.

 Bassnectar’s presence on a festival lineup inspired his fanbase to get decked out in gear with his insignia on it, and run the festival grounds all day. Both locals and nomads who follow Ashton’s tour dates around the country took up a chunk of the festival’s population, many showing up as early as 4 p.m. to check out everything else Life Is Beautiful had to offer. Even those who didn’t know what kind of crowd they’d see at the midnight hour got an idea of how packed and fun it would be upon witnessing an instance—or seven—of two strangers in passing who’d notice the Bassnectar symbol on each other’s outfits, share a knowing look, and slap a high-five.

 Within the first five minutes of the Bassnectar experience, this excitement became clear. Not only did Ashton’s new music shine throughout the set, but some of his older tracks and remixes like “Thursty”, featuring Craz and Red Step with fellow producer Jansten, made themselves a staple of the fastest hour to go by all day.